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Saturday, May 10, 2014

Ant-aging miraculous substances;

How to remove the signs of aging?

How safe ceramides are in cosmetic products?

Recently Phytoceramides have been featured on TV across the world and has now been coined the Natural Facelift by a popular TV Doctor.
1.      Phytoceramides are cutting edge anti wrinkle ingestible, can help looking younger and more beautiful by removing the body’s wrinkles, fine lines and other effects of aging.
2.      This active ingredient besides to help firming, hydrating, and tightening facial skin, will also help repairing the appearance of fines lines.

What are the secrets of ceramides:

1.      Ceramides are natural compounds, types of lipids found in the cell membranes.
2.      Skin cells in the outermost layer of the skin called the epidermis are a rich source of ceramides.
3.      Along with other lipids like cholesterol, fatty acids, cholesterol esters, etc… 

How ceramides work for the skin:

1.      Ceramides keep water through the skin and so prevent the skin dryness.
2.      Ceramides are some like a barrier against bacteria and environmental pollutants.
3.      Ceramides, fatty acids and cholesterol work together in the outermost layer of the epidermis to prevent moisture loss and keep skin supply and freshly. 

How the skin gets aging:

1.      Ceramides are about forty percent of the lipids in the stratum corneum.
2.      There are nine different ceramides labeled from one to nine.
3.      Unfortunately, ceramide levels decline with age.
4.      That is the real cause for skin to become drier as a person grows older.
5.      It is known that harsh cleansers can disrupt ceramides and lipids, leading to dry skin, as well as some medications like cholesterol-lowering drugs can alter ceramide and lipid levels in the outer layer of the epidermis. 

How can diet cause skin to loose moisture:

1.      Diet plays a great role in how moisture being retained or lost in the skin.
2.      Eating a diet that lacks essential fatty acids can disrupt skin’s natural barrier against moisture loss.
3.      Maintaining certain amount of dietary fat is highly important for healthy skin.
4.      Thus, people on very low fat diets often have dry and flaky skin due to loss of ceramides and other lipids that help skin to retain water.

How to enhance Skin care:

1.      It is worth noting that ceramides and other lipids are important for keeping moisture and preventing dry skin.
2.      That is the reason some skin care product’s makers and cosmetics add ceramides to their products as a way to replenish ceramides lost due to aging and disruption of skin’s lipid barrier.
3.      To increase the ability of ceramides to penetrate, and sometimes they combined with penetration enhancers, and even incorporated into liposomes, special vesicles that enhance skin penetration.
4.      These liposomes are often made of milk fats that can help to nourish skin.

How ceramides can benefit you:

1.      The benefits of ceramides in the skin go far away from being keeping skin moist and supple, natural ceramides also act as signaling molecules, telling cells when to die.
2.      This could make ceramides useful for treating cancer by causing cancer cells to self-destruct.
3.      Ceramides can be in products like skin moisturizers, eye creams, facial cleansers, sunscreens, lip gloss, lipsticks and foundations.
4.      Ceramides are being added to some hair care products and conditioners, as they bind to the hair shaft and make it less porous.

How safe ceramides are in cosmetic products:

1.      The Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Cosmetics Database classifies ceramides as low hazard cosmetic ingredients.
2.      They are usually non-irritating to skin and actually soothe irritation and itching caused by dry skin.
3.      All products that contain ceramides are beneficial for people with dry skin, eczema and psoriasis, so ceramide products are safe to use and never cause skin irritation. 

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