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Monday, May 5, 2014

Conventional medical treatments;

Natural cure, the way of salvation for rheumatic and arthritic;

What are the disadvantages of chemical drugs?

The main drugs:

Under the chemical treatment of arthritis and rheumatism; modern medicine has remedies aimed to suppression the symptoms, such as analgesics, anti-inflammatory, synthesis of corticosteroids, antibiotics, sulfa drugs, penicillin.
1.      For osteoarthritis, they use iodine, sulfur, administration of vitamin B, the re-calcification in physiotherapy.
2.      But sometimes it may need to go to surgical techniques when the femoral head is injured, especially for laying plastic prosthesis. 

The consequences and effects of drug remedies:

1.      Rheumatologists recognize the disadvantages of the remedies they prescribe, because chemical treatments cause quite spectacular immediate deceptive lulls, discouraging successive recurrences.
2.      These are spurious results and not a real cure, as chemical drugs block the mechanisms of elimination instead of helping the salutary purification.
3.      Salicylic acid and its derivatives, salts, all act to tiring the kidneys, causing hypotension, edema, blood accidents, headache, vomiting, liver disorders, irritations of the gastric mucosa causing ulcers, acne, anemia, elimination of vitamin C.
4.      They exacerbate acidification moods and expose the body to hazards and disasters in case of infection.

The colchicines or the alkaloid:

1.      The alkaloid is a remedy of choice of gout for modern medicine that causes diarrhea, headache.
2.      And changes the composition of blood.

The synthesis of corticosteroids and anti-inflammatory:

1.      These drugs are toxic to the kidneys and the digestive system.
2.      In extended use they create dependence, atrophy adrenalins, endanger the natural production of cortisone and can cause diabetes, burn perforation and gastric ulcers.
3.      Using these drugs to treat gout they cause an outbreak of gout after the illusory improvement.
4.      Indeed, diuretics facilitate excretion of uric acid by urine, but eventually they help body to reserve it. 

The digestive complications:

1.      Corticosteroids are responsible for water retention, potassium loss, cramps, abnormal of heart rhythm, muscle wasting.
2.      And digestive complications.

Calcium drugs:

1.      The medicines containing calcium in mineral combinations are practically useless.
2.      For that calcium is inorganic, may be rejected because it is not naturally associated to the minerals, such as silicon, magnesium, phosphate, sulfur and iron that are found in balanced foods.
3.      Or the calcium may precipitate to form stones in the kidneys.
4.      The effort of the body to remove calcium that creates an impression of improvement in what succeeds depression especially as the body eventually collect and expel its own calcium reserves, aggravating the way of demineralization. 

The disadvantages of chemical drugs:

1.      The disadvantages of chemical drugs must be taken into consideration by patients who are tempted to use them simultaneously with natural remedies.
2.      But to increase the chance of cure the patients must reject some chemical drugs.
3.      So the natural cure is the way of salvation for rheumatic and arthritic.
But the prior and the first step in this direction is food reform.

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