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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The real causes of rheumatism;

  The main factors triggering of gout disease;

How to protect yourself from rheumatism?

What are the real causes of rheumatism?

The chronic rheumatism;

Osteoarthritis diseases:

Osteoarthritis are diseases that affect the joints and both women and men in the second half of life.  
    As a result of the slowdown in the production of collagen which is cartilage, a progressive wear of the bone ends is observed as if the joint was aging prematurely with an inflammation of the synovial.  
    Fragments of ossified cartilage form caps on each side of the joint.  
    We talk about poly-osteoarthritis when osteoarthritis affects multiple joints symmetrically, such as that which affects women after menopause.

    Development factors for osteoarthritis:

    Favorable factors to the development of osteoarthritis are trauma. 
    Metabolic diseases such as gout. 
    Endocrine imbalance.
    Overloading the joints due to the effect of obesity or professional hardships.
    Hereditary predispositions particularly. 
    And nutritional factors such as toxins and acidification. 

    Joint deformities:

    Lesions of osteoarthritis make painful joints creaking.  
    They can cause deformation or joint stiffness more or less serious. 
    But it can go up to the total engine failure.

    Favorable points to the osteoarthritis:

    The election points of osteoarthritis are the knees, hip, spine, especially the cervical and lumbar vertebrae.  
    In osteoarthritis, the pain is diffusing and may interfere with any activity and is often perceived at the knee, but reduces if the patient lies down.  
    The patient limps and walks difficulty.  
    The femoral head ends to deforming and biting as well as the cavity of the pelvis, as in sciatica tuberculosis and sickle cell disease.  
    Healing is possible if the impairment is not too far.  

    Chronic progressive poly-arthritis or the rheumatoid:

    The rheumatoid arthritis, are simultaneous inflammations of multiple joints.  
    They atrophied muscles, deformed wrists; the fingers of the hands bend to the opposite side of the thumb, feet, knees, swollen with subcutaneous nodules.  
    These are disorders of chronic evolution; they manifest by febrile seizures, sometimes preceded by psoriasis, with fatigue, loss of appetite, emaciation of limbs, and acceleration of sedimentation rate.  
    Stiffness reaches all the joints after each crisis by moving towards ankylosis. 
    The bones, cartilages, tendon sheaths, conjunctive tissues, nerves are damaged. 
    The organs are considerably, deficient, demineralized, emaciated, weakened and can not eliminate harmful substances.

    Misdeeds of uric acid in the blood: 

    Gout is a disease related to an excess of uric acid in the blood.  
    Ninety percent of gout suffers have a level uric acid greater than or equal to seventy milligrams per liter.   
    While the normal rate of uric acid is between 45 to 59 milligrams per liter in men and 35 to 49 milligrams in women.  
    Gout manifest by painful swelling joints, localized at the small joints of the hands and feet, sometimes in large joints.  
    Acute gout attacks occur at varying intervals especially at night and during four to five days, the joint of the big toe is swollen and becomes red, veins are swollen, skin is so sensitive to a degree of not bear even a touch of fabric.
    The extension of the crisis generates nephritis, increases the rate of albumin and urea in the blood and then the blood pressure augments.  
    Gout can evolves into the chronic form with formidable complications.

    Factors Triggering of gout:

    The genesis of most gout is due to nitrogenous foods and fats, as well as fermented beverages, distilled or alcoholic beverages.   
    Almost half of gout suffers are obese but heredity plays a role of predisposing.
    Sometimes bad habits, physical and intellectual overwork, and removal of the female genitalia, the use of certain drugs such as sulfonamides, penicillin act as predisposing or triggering factors.

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