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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The most serious type of rheumatism;

The main types of rheumatism;  

What are the causes of rheumatism? 

  • Acute rheumatism or inflammatory: 

  1. These types of rheumatism include rheumatic fever, infectious rheumatism, acute arthritis, including acute rheumatoid.  
  2. Outside of the joints, there are currently per arthritis, soft tissue rheumatism. 
  3. Joint rheumatism is defined as inflammatory disease due to streptococcus toxin, tuberculosis, and syphilis.
  4. But it does not necessarily mean that the presence of streptococci from angina or Koch bacilli in cases of tuberculosis and rheumatism that these microbes are the cause of rheumatism.  
  5. It seems that infectious rheumatism such as chronic polyarthritis occur in the digestive tract, intestinal putrefaction seat that increase the virulence of some bacteria.    
  6. These pathogens through the colonic mucosa and subsequently colonize weakened joints.
  • Acute arthritis:

  1. Acute arthritis affects the spine, limbs, trunk, membrane, which secretes synovial fluid to lubricate the joint surfaces and facilitate their sliding ignites, thickens and forms a solid pad that bother joint movements. 
  2. Cartilage damage and bone causes ankylosis, sharp and constant pain especially more pronounced in the morning.  
  3. Large joints of fingers become red, hot, swollen.  
  4. Spondyl-arthritis is a chronic inflammatory condition that affects the spine with severe pain especially at night, radiating to the neck, shoulder, thigh, causing the blocking and ankylosis of the vertebrae so that the patient can no longer flex the trunk or turn the head around.
  • Acute per arthritis:

  1. Outside of the joints, there are acute per arthritis accompanying elements that affects joints.  
  2. Tendons and nerves intoxicated, and inflamed, especially at the shoulder.
  • Soft tissue rheumatism:

  1. This arthritis affects the muscles and tendons.  
  2. Due to the action of a spinal deformity by trauma, shock or degeneration of the disc structure, the core of the vertebral disc got moves, causes herniation in the spinal canal and causes lumbago; reflex contractual of muscles that block lumbar.  
  3. The pain radiates to the buttocks and to the roots of thighs, and increases at each movement.  
  4. When the core of the vertebral disc compresses the root of sciatic nerve, the pain feels and radiates along the nerve from the leg to around the whole feet. 
  5. What is called sciatica crisis that may be caused by accumulated toxins in the starting area of the nerve, by a bone disease or collapse of the inter-vertebral disc, the herniated disc is from degradation by arthritis and rheumatism.
  • Dental arthritis:

  1. Dental arthritis is an inflammatory disease of the ligament. 
  2. This type of arthritis makes mobile tooth painful at pressure.
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