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Thursday, March 27, 2014

The natural cure of peptic ulcer;

The procedure for peptic ulcer treatment and curing;

How to make natural cure of peptic ulcer?

How to use the remedial food ingredients?

Remedial foods, see also Natural healing methods

Olive oil and lemon juice:

1.    Olive oil combined with lemon treats properly digestive diseases. 
2.    These two ingredients mixed well by a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed with two tablespoons of lemon juice act as a mild laxative. 
3.    Drink on an empty stomach half an hour before breakfast. 
4.    Thus under the same conditions peanut oil can be used.  

Carrot juice or cabbage and lemon:

1.    This is to consume every day fresh and half a kilo of carrots juice. 
2.    Grate carrots and move in a centrifuge or roping with a very fine grid or pound them in a mortar. 
3.    Add a little water and after about an hour of time to pass through a gauze, a colander or sieve. 
4.    Drink three to four glasses per day of this juice by adding the juice of half or a whole lemon in a glass.
5.    Alternate with cabbage juice obtained in the same manner and drink in the morning on an empty stomach or before lunch.

Licorice powder:

1.    Mix a tablespoon of licorice root powder in a third glass of water. 
2.    Stir and drink before the meal, but avoid taking licorice for suffered people of diabetes.
3.    Obtained in similar conditions, decoction gives good results.

Cucumber and lemon juices:

1.    Cucumber strengthens infected mucous membranes and is valuable for colibacillosis. 
2.    Crush the fresh cucumber or go it to the centrifuge to obtain for about half a glass of juice, add a lemon juice and drink in the morning on an empty stomach or before lunch.

Raw onion:

1.    The raw onion enriches the blood with minerals and trace elements. 
2.    Add to salads and cooked dishes raw and chopped onions by the next manner.
3.    First week consume half an onion a day.
4.    Second week an onion a day.
5.    Third week one onion and half a day.
6.    Fourth week two onions a day. 
7.    After those days, keep half an onion a day.

Drinkable clay:

1.    Clay helps soothing digestive disorders. 
2.    It is known as drinkable clay in most health food stores. 
3.    It may be green or white.
4.    It is to be exposed to the sun once a week for an hour at least. 
5.    Absorb one or two teaspoons per day. 
6.    Prepare clay for several hours before using it.
7.    Mix the clay powder in a glass of cold water. 
8.    Stir when drinking.
9.    Early treatment should avoid swallowing the remaining deposit at the glass bottom.

Nutritional yeast:

1.    Mix two teaspoons of nutritional yeast powder in a little hot water.
2.    Or chew and swallow four to six yeast tablets in the morning on an empty stomach or at bedtime.

Honey and onion juice:

1.    Pound fresh onion and extract the juice through a cotton cloth or gauze. 
2.    Mix one tablespoon of this juice with a tablespoon of very good quality honey. 
3.    Stir well and drink far away from meals three times a day or in case of pain.

Hot lemonade and honey:

1.    Put in a glass of hot water juice of one lemon. 
2.    Add a teaspoon of honey. 
3.    Stir and drink after the main meals.
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