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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

How to restore and maintain good health;

The manners to conserve and maintain good health;

Restoring good health's methods;

What are the benefits of food reform?  

Food reform aims to eliminate the adverse foods and choose the recommended foods. 
1.    There are very bad foods.
2.    Bad foods.
3.    Foods to be consumed moderately

Very bad foods:

1.    These are the foods that prevent proper assimilation of foods.
2.    They are harmful in all their forms such as alcohol and alcoholic beverages, fries obtained by excessive heating oils, animal fats, cooked butter, and margarine. 
3.    All canned meats and fish such as sardines, anchovies, kidneys, sweet breads, calf's liver, and offal.
4.    These foods are very rich with intoxicant elements. 

Bad foods:

1.    Sauce of Roasted meat, sausage, veal, chicken factory farms, game. 
2.    All fish and seafood grilled or in sauce. 
3.    Meat extracts in bouillon cubes or liquid mono sodium glutamate that is used to seasoning foods.
4.    Canned soups, pepper, mustard industry, Cheeses, spreads, soft cheeses and too fermented cheeses or moldy. 
5.    Jams and candy of refined white sugar.
6.    Ice cream and syrups of sugar cane extracts of fruits or spices. 
7.    Refined salt and food too salty. 
8.    Soft drinks, tea, coffee, cocoa.
9.    Liquid milk only or with coffee. 
10. Chocolate made ​​with full-fat cocoa. 
11. White bread, pastry, biscuits with white flour and white sugar.
12. Sprouted Potatoes or greenish.
13. Faded vegetables, yellowed, aged and canned.

Foods to be consumed moderately:

1.    Pasta, semolina, couscous mixed with vegetables or nutritional yeast or beans.
2.    Legumes, such as beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, beans combined with the cereal in a ratio of 1 to 3 provide the protein balance, Leek, fresh cheese, soft or cooked cheese. 
3.    Raw butter, eggs 2-3 per week, associated with greens or incorporated into the pastry dishes tubers, complete flour are more digestible. 
4.    But for cooking tough eggs, if white and yellow become black then egg is overcooked and thereafter it is intoxicating.
5.    Cooking in boiling water the egg must not stay more than ten minutes.
6.    Cane sugar, jams of cane sugar, confectionery and pastries with honey or raw cane sugar without chemical dye.
7.    All mentioned foods in this subtitle are good foods and can be eaten moderately.
The Main Aim◄►Health For All ☼ Clean Environment!

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