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Sunday, March 16, 2014

The traditional cure of peptic ulcer;

Step by step to heal peptic ulcer;

The modes of treatment against ulcer;

How to cure peptic ulcer?

In practice, there are two modes of cure against peptic ulcer and these are the physical exercises and eating habits. 
1.    Physical exercises are the cold sit bath.
2.    Deep breathing and walking.

Cold sit bath:

1.    To make the bath use a container, large enough to contain eight to ten liters of water for one to be able sitting so that the water level reaches approximately the groin. 
2.    Take sit bath preferably in the morning at sunrise when the body is warm and well rested, in a draft-free air and warm place. 

Desire temperature and duration of the bath:

1.    Procedures of bath sit, the first week make it at 24 degree Celsius in one or two minutes. 
2.    The second week, make it at 22 degree Celsius, three to five minutes. 
3.    Then the following weeks, make it at 18 to 20 degree Celsius for three to five minutes. 
4.    For overweight or slow reflexes subjects, the duration can last five minutes or a little more. 
5.    Once sitting in the bowl, take water with your hands and massage into the belly, the navel to the pubis. 
6.    Getting right out of the bath, rub and cover. 
7.    But when the bath causes chills or palpitations it must be stopped immediately. 
8.    It is not indicated for women who are in menstrual cycle.
9.    Often the sit bath is followed by events such as slight elevation of temperature, buttons etc…
10.  That may impress the worsening health status, while these are signs of healthy reaction.

Deep breathing:

1.    It is important to practice regularly and consistently deep breathing to help organs supply oxygen and work properly. 
2.    Use alternatively the two formulas described to the following, and from time to time, rehearsing the same exercises, by blocking successively each nostril. 
3.    Adopt the duration and frequency of this practice as time permits. 
4.    For it is better to practice frequently short exercises than practicing one long exercises without frequent.

Breathing three times:

1.    The first formula; is to practice breathing outdoors or in front of an open window, by standing motionless.
2.    Aspirate slowly. 
3.    Expire immediately and slowly. 
4.    Manage rests of varying duration; see to seven seconds to get lungs emptied well before a new slow aspiration.

Breathing four times:

1.    The second formula, start out slowly and deeply through your nose and mouth.
2.    In the end of expiratory; compress the chest, cross the arms to properly expel the air, blowing through the mouth, during six to ten seconds. 
3.    Once the lungs emptied in seconds, breathe slowly through the nostrils only without raising the shoulders, by inflating the lower part of the lungs. 
4.    Then raise the odds, bomber the chest, within about ten to fifteen seconds. 
5.    As soon as the lungs fill completely, stay nearly, five seconds before exhaling again.

Walking and movement:

1.    Do enough regular exercise steps and movements to fresh air. 
2.    Move slightly to faster speeds. 
3.    In case of obstacles and fatigue must renounce this practice and limited to breathing exercises. 
4.    The regular practice of walking fast paces helps to relax and rest of body. 
5.    But you need medical advice before starting, to advance the process for heating. 
6.    At the end you have to relax. 
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