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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

How to cure peptic ulcer;

How gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer occur?

How to deal with peptic ulcer?

How gastric ulcer being formed?

Peptic ulcer forms in general, when the secretion functions are most intense at the small curvature of the stomach, pylorus, and duodenum. 
1.    Gastric ulcer is a result of regular denatured foods such as refined oils, white sugar, meat, alcohol, overcooked foods, canned diets, and some drugs consumption. 
2.    A deficiency of vitamins A, B1 and U, causes poor circulation in the small vessels of the gastric secretion and disturbing the protective mucus wall. 
3.    Temperament subjects with irritable or restless, annoyance, anger, overwork, trigger constriction of arterioles so that the lining of the stomach poorly oxygenated become fragile and vulnerable.  
4.    All these lead to inflammation and destruction of cells. 
5.    While any lesion, the gastric juice, which contains among others the hydrochloric acid attack the wall of the stomach to digest it. 
6.    Thus appears a wound, and then gastric ulcer is formed and manifested by burning sensation, spasm, acid’s referrals.
7.    Observation; a diet too rich in protein, fat and salt causes more gastric acid secretion and this also occurs when after taking rich food and drink alkaline salts such as sodium bicarbonate or gastric dressings that artificially lower the acidity of stomach and reduce the action of the natural juices see also: The natural cure.

Duodenal ulcer:

1.    The food bowl that leaves the stomach, impregnated with acid, reaches the duodenum. 
2.    While the acid must be neutralized and removed by the alkaline secretion of pancreatic juice and bile from the liver. 
3.    If these secretions are insufficient, a lesion of the duodenal wall occurs.
4.    Therefore duodenal ulcer occurs, and can be aggravated by overwork, anxiety, the use of digestives and alkaline salts.


1.    Ulcer manifestations are pain in upper abdomen occurring about three hours post meal.
2.    And by acid references and vomiting.

Valuable remark:

1.    When blood appears in vomit or stool, it means that the ulcer is near the puncture. 
2.    In this case the surgical procedure is necessary.  

How to deal with this phenomenon:

1.    We must renounce chemical drugs, calming salicylate products such as aspirin.
2.    Peptic ulcer evolves periodically or cyclically with deceptive lulls that follow painful awakenings. 
3.    Only natural treatment gives chances of true healing. 
4.    Among this natural treatment food reform that brings abandoning bad habits and adopting a proper diet.  

Healing of peptic ulcer:

1.    To heal peptic ulcer make food reform that is to remove bad habits.
2.    By avoiding animal fats.
3.    Strong spices and vinegar.
4.    Chemical condiments, flavorings or glutamates.
5.    Too fermented mustards, sugar and sweets.
6.    Soft drinks and all alcohol.
7.    Ice cream, biscuits, roasted peanuts.
8.    Eat moderately and at the need.
9.    Make short fasting; choose light and easy to digest foods. 
10. Adopt a proper diet with the recommended foods.
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