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Monday, February 3, 2014

Simple methods to maintain health form;

The methods to make germination for different seeds;

How to germinate wheat grains?

What is the Virtue of sprout seeds?

Sprouted seeds are rich in vitamins, trace elements, and minerals.
1.    They balance the supply and quickly fill gaps. 
2.    Consume one or two tablespoons per day, the morning, or at lunch, salad, or plain, or cooked, just minutes with soups or cereals.

Germination of wheat grains:

1.    Wash the wheat grains with cold water.
2.    Place them in a large background bowl. 
3.    The next day, rinse the beans and put them back on a plate without water. 
4.    Once white dots appear, the grains are ready to be consumed.

Germination for other seeds:

1.    Soak the seeds in non-chlorinated cold water, inside a jar of a liter of white glass, for twelve hours.
2.    Rinse the seeds with lot of water. 
3.    Then close the jar using tissue of gauze held by elastic for ventilation, and then return on a slightly inclined board.
4.    Leave well distributed on the wall for two or three days in a dark and hot place, more than 23 °.
5.    By rinsing once or twice a day, but blonde soybean and chickpeas seeds should be rinsed five to six times a day to prevent fermentation.
6.    They germinate in three to six days. 
7.    For beans, eat the shoots not seeds. 
8.    You can keep the stock of drained sprouts in a jar, in a refrigerator, etc... 
9.    They must be consumed within three to four days.
10. Otherwise, blanch and keep in a freezer. 
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