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Thursday, February 6, 2014

How to conserve good form?

Conserving the good form after regaining the form by cold sit bath;

What is the benefit of cold sit bath?

What are the expected reactions?

 The cold sit bath causes the acceleration of body reactions, starting with the eliminations. This light excitation stimulates the body and revives its defenses.

The equipment for cold sit bath:

1.    Use a container large enough to hold eight to ten liters of water, so that you can sit in.
2.    Water level should reach approximately the groin. 
3.    A large plastic or enameled iron bowl is suitable.

The procedure of cold sit bath:

1.    Take sit bath, preferably in the morning, in a warm draft-free air room. 
2.    Temperature and duration will vary by weeks. 
3.    The first week is at 24 ° and lasts one to two minutes.
4.    The second week is at 22° and lasts three to five minutes.
5.    Then the following weeks are at 18 ° to 20 ° and lasts three to five minutes. 
6.    For overweight subjects or slow reflexes, duration may reach up to five minutes or a little more. 
7.    Once sitting in the bowl, take water with your hands and massage into the belly, the navel to the pubis. 
8.    Right out of the bath, rub, and then cover. 
9.    The bath should not cause cooling of the body, or unpleasant or abnormal sensation such as chills, palpitations, etc.
10.  In this case interrupt it immediately. 
11. For the woman, it is cons-indicated during menstruation.

Expected reactions:

1.    The sit bath is sometimes followed by healing events such as slight rising of temperature, rash buttons, etc.
2.    These events may be giving some concerns to the patient who tends to see this as a worsening of his condition, while it is not. 
3.    The acceleration of eliminating reactions for the morbid substances can cause backache. 
4.    They will be deleted by applying a hot poultice of cabbage leaves and onion, followed by camphor oil massages.
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