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Friday, January 31, 2014

The need of maintaining good form;

The benefit of plant's roots, barks, leaves, and flowers to curing different diseases;

How to prepare infusion or decoction?

The benefit of plants; roots, barks, leaves, and flowers of many plants contain similar benefits like those substances of vegetables and fruits. They allow to complete or to activate the beneficial effects.

The preparation of infusion, decoction, or maceration

1.    The infusion is made ​​by pouring hot water on plants or throwing plants in simmering water. 
2.    Using a container made ​​of porcelain, glass or ceramic, or a pot of stainless steel or enameled. 
3.    Cover the container for six to ten minutes, then go and drink. 
4.    Decoction is to put the plant into cold water, bring to boiling for some time. 
5.    Do not boil the flowers and scented leaves, because they are used only as an infusion. 
6.    Maceration is to put the plant in cold or hot water or in oil for several hours, sometimes for days.

The absorption

1.    Once the infusion is made and filtered, it can be stored in an insulated bottle. 
2.    It should be taken hot without excess sugar or unsweetened, but if it is bitter you can put more or less sugar at will.
3.    Digestive teas are taken half an hour after the meal.

The drinkable clay

1.    Clay is a powerful agent of purification and regeneration. 
2.    It absorbs impurities and toxic substances.
3.    It cleans and enriches the blood.
4.    Cures boils and anemia. 
5.    Associated with lemon it releases the capillaries, detoxifies the body, hunting intestine worms.
6.    Clay can be found ready for sale in health food stores and pharmacies. 
7.    It may be green or white. 
8.    It is to be exposed to the sun once a week for at least an hour.

The preparation of drinkable clay

1.    Put a teaspoon of clay in a glass of cold water, wait a few hours or overnight before absorption. 
2.    For children, the dose is half a teaspoon. 
3.    To treat intestinal diseases such as dysentery, the dose may be increased to two or three teaspoons a day and never let the spoon in the solution.

The consumption of drinkable clay

1.    Swallow clay in the morning on an empty stomach or thirty minutes before a meal, especially when suffered internal ulcers. 
2.    At the beginning, you can avoid drinking the thick milky deposit, which remains at the bottom of the glass.
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