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Sunday, January 19, 2014

The third week of treatment;

How to depurate the body during the third week?

How to do daily cure in the third week?

How to complete depuration cure?

The third week of depuration treatment is completing the second week of treatment.

At morning

1.    Take a cold bath sit immediately upon awakening. 
2.    Start taking olive oil and lemon juice, as during the first week of treatment. 
3.    For breakfast, take fruits or a hot infusion or porridge. 

The recipe for porridge

1.    Lightly toast the grains before grinding coarsely or crush in a mortar. 
2.    Boil in water two or three handfuls of flour thus obtained until cooked. 
3.    It is possible to add sprouted grains, dried or lightly toasted and ground into flour. 
4.    Sweeten with honey or with red cane sugar.

In the morning

do deep breathing either in the morning or late afternoon.

At lunchtime

1.    Drink drinkable clay prepared the day before. 
2.    Take fruit half an hour before the meal as an aperitif. 
3.    Make the meal into two dishes, the first dish is salad vegetables, the second dish is vegetables or cereals or tubers with sauces neither meat, nor fish or shellfish or crabs.


1.    It is possible to introduce into the diet small amounts of nitrogenous foods, such as eggs, unfermented cheese, yogurt, curd, dried beans. 
2.    The sauce can be enriched with sprouts or not crushed, raw peanuts, sesame, pumpkin, but always avoid roasted peanuts. 
3.    After a nitrogen meal, take the liver tea or lemon juice in hot water.

At the evening:

1.    Make a meal as indicated above for lunch. 
2.    At bedtime, take the laxative tea.
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