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Thursday, January 16, 2014

The second week of treatment;

How to make daily cure in the second week?

How to make depuration cure for the second week?

The second week of treatment;

The depuration cure lasts three weeks, and this second week, the treatment runs nearly as in the first week of treatment.

At morning

1.    When getting of the bed, take a cold sit bath. 
2.    Drink on an empty stomach clayey water, prepared the day before, by adding at the time of taking the juice of one or two lemons. 
3.    Half an hour later make a breakfast of fruits or drink a hot infusion such as lemongrass, quinqueliba, thyme, mint, etc…  sweetened with honey or fresh vegetable juices such as carrot, extracted with a centrifuge.

In the morning

1.    If thirsty, drink water with lemon. 
2.    Do deep breathing either in the morning or late afternoon. 
3.    Doing regular physical exercise, especially walking fast paces is an excellent.
4.    Correct dosage of exercise accelerates the healing process. 
5.    At the beginning, it is convenient for the arthritic or rheumatic, they actually should do very gradually without reaching fatigue or cause aches, signs of poor waste disposal muscle combustion, so start by joint exercises, finally, muscle exercises. 
6.    Those who have heart problems should not do strenuous exercise.

At noon

1.    Half an hour before meals, take fruit appetizer. 
2.    Make two types of meal, the first dish consists of salad green leaves and various vegetables accompanied, if possible, sprouts and one or two slices of whole meal bread or rye bread. 
3.    The second dish is cooked vegetables or a bit of plantain banana or some tubers such as yam, potato, sweet potato, cassava, etc. as stew, or with a little oil, tomatoes, soy sauce or yeast, or a little brown rice, or a little dough millet or corn seeds and vegetable sauce. 
4.    Obese and larger avoid tubers in favor of a little brown rice, or a little sorghum millet.

Advice for cooking the sauce

1.    The sauce that accompanies cereal dishes or tubers consist mainly of ripe tomatoes, chopped, and unshelled onion, a little garlic and various other vegetables, especially carrots, eggplant, squash, peppers, green leaves, okra, and spices, according to taste and habits, only add oil and salt at the last moment. 
2.    Possibly, season with seasoning vegetables, such as soy sauce or African soumbala made from​​ fermented seeds of néré or Guinea sorrel.

After the meal

1.    Take liver or digestive tea.
2.    Drink in the afternoon, lemon water, do deep breathing in the late afternoon, if it was not made ​​in the morning.
3.     In the evening, make a meal as indicated above for lunch. 
4.    At bedtime, take a laxative tea. 
5.    Prepare drinkable clay for the next day.
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