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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Maintaining form;

Unhealthy foods to be avoided;

How to keep good form?

How to choose foods that maintain body’s balance?

Food reform; cure depuration would be a little lasting effect if once completed you returned to bad habits in the diet, the body gets again intoxicate soon. 
1.    An arthritic field intoxicated requires drastic measures to restore disturbed equilibrium. 
2.    Therefore, you should remove without hesitation the wrong foods for the body and learn how to choose foods that maintain and increase his balance. 
3.    There are very bad foods, bad foods, and foods to be eaten moderately and recommended foods.

Very bad foods

1.    Alcohol, this is an anti-food and prevents proper assimilation of foods, and so it is really harmful by all its forms, like aperitif alcoholic, whiskey, rum, brandy, eau-de-vie, liqueurs, wine, beer, wine vinegar or alcohol, etc. 
2.    Among the very bad foods the fries obtained by excessive heating oils, Cooked animal fats, including butter and margarine. 
3.    All conserved meats and fish, like horn beef, salami, sausage, etc... 
4.    Sardines are particularly indigestible and intoxicating, anchovies, kidneys, sweetbreads and veal, offal, especially the brain and liver, are very rich in substance elements.

  Bad foods

1.    Roasted meat in sauce, sausage, veal, factory-farmed chicken, tripe. 
2.    Meat extracts in bouillon cubes or liquid mono-sodium glutamate that is used to season foods, conserved soups.
3.    All grilled fish and seafood or made in sauce, pepper and industrial mustard.
4.    Cheese spreads soft, or too fermented or moldy. 
5.    White sugar and jams of white sugar, the glasses, candies of white sugar, cane sugar syrups with fruit extracts or spices.
6.     It should be noted that white sugar is not a nutritious food, it rather excites the body. 
7.    Refined salt, salty foods, such as sweats, roasted and salted peanuts, tomato juice, conserved olives, etc...
8.    Sugary soft drinks, especially soft drinks containing soda, cola, phosphoric acid. 
9.    Liquid milk alone or mixed with coffee, tea or cocoa, as fluid milk non curd causes generating fermentation and gas poisoning, and also coffee, tea, cocoa-fat especially, taken on an empty stomach, tobacco, cola. 
10. Chocolate made ​​with full-fat cocoa. 
11. White bread, pastry and biscuits made ​​with white flour, including macaroni, noodles, and spaghetti. 
12. White rice glazed or polished. 
13. The potato sprouts or greenish ground. 
14. The unripe fruits, oleaginous nuts cooked, salted or sweeten.
15. Vegetables faded, yellowed, aged, and conserved. 
16. Green olives, old beans over a year, and avoid drugs except in cases of extreme necessity and for a short time.
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