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Monday, January 13, 2014

The depuration cure;

The steps for food recovery after depuration treatment;

How to resume eating after depuration cure?

The third day of treatment;

After the fruitarian diet, during the first two days, now it is the time for food recovery.

In the morning

1.    Continue drinking the mixture of olive oil and lemon juice on an empty stomach. 
2.    Make a breakfast of fruits, except banana.
3.    If you are thirsty in the morning, drink then lemony water.

At noon

Before the meal, add the juice of two lemons in a glass of clayey water prepared the night before, stir and drink.

The meal

Make the meal by taking fruits as appetizer, half an hour before going to dinner.

First dish

1.    Salad of green leaves or various vegetables, to choose, or as a judicious mixture, grated carrot, cut tomato, avocado, green cabbage or red cabbage, finely chopped, pepper, cucumber, beetroot, etc.. 
2.    With lots of onion, a little garlic, parsley, mint leaves; seasoned with olive oil or good quality peanut, lemon juice, and if desires, the soy sauce or a little unrefined sea salt, one to two teaspoons of nutritional yeast flake, these three products are sold in food stores or grocery stores.

Second dish

1.    Non starchy vegetables, quickly steamed or in a little water, such as green beans, eggplant, tomatoes, carrots, onions, young beans, turnips, young peas, collard greens, squash, zucchini, etc.. 
2.    Seasoned with a little oil, salt or soy sauce, yeast, these cooked vegetables can be baked in oven or be in the form of soup.

After the meal:

1.    Drink liver or digestive tea, like the first day. 
2.    In the afternoon, drink lemony water, and do deep breathing.
3.    In the evening, at meal time, do not take fruits; the first dish is salad vegetables as at noon, the second dish is cooked vegetables, as at lunch, and do deep breathing. 
4.    At bedtime, drink a laxative tea, even if it pushes going to the toilet, it is important to continue taking this tea, but simply reduce the dose if necessary. 
5.    Prepare drinkable clay for the next day.
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