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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

The cure for maintaining good form;

What are the benefits of lemon treatment?

What are beneficial habits to maintain good form? 

What are healthy habits?

Health habits; besides to food reform, there are beneficial habits to maintain good form after depuration treatment. There are some treatments to do voluntarily and others to do regularly.

Habits to do voluntarily

1.    You can do preferably lemon cure.
2.     Digestive teas.
3.    Drinkable clay.
4.    And grain sprouts.

Habits to do regularly

1.    You should do as regular manner the bath sits.
2.    Deep breathing.
3.    And good sleep.

The benefits of lemon treatment

1.    Lemon cure detoxifies the blood, cures diseases of liver, gall bladder, and urinary stones. 
2.    It relieves disorders of blood pressure, varicose veins, and hemorrhoids.

The preparation of lemon juice

1.    Choose ripe lemons and squeeze just before use. 
2.    The size of lemons varies; it is preferable to measure the amount of juice in tablespoons. 
3.    A medium sized lemon contains two to three tablespoons of juice. 
4.    Two lemons give four to six of tablespoons. 
5.    It takes as part of the total shown for this cure all the lemons consumed in the day, alone or in combination with other products at another cure.

Two formulas of treatment

1.    The treatment is progressive and regressive increments. 
2.    Choose one of the two following formulas. 
3.    In case of intolerance, reduce the indicated amounts of one or two lemons.

First formula, duration twenty nine days

1.    The first day take two lemons.
2.    The second day three lemons.
3.    On the third day four lemons.
4.    And so on by increasing a lemon each day until reaching nine Lemons on the eighth day. 
5.    Continue to take nine lemons per day for a week. 
6.    The following week drop a lemon per day until returning to two lemons a day. 
7.    Keep this amount of two lemons daily for another week.
8.    Thereafter, take two or three lemons per day during the course of the day.

Second formula, duration six or seven weeks

1.    The first week, take two to four lemons a day. 
2.    The second week, take five to seven lemons per day. 
3.    The third week, take eight to ten lemons per day. 
4.    If everything goes well and you do not observe as overreactions weight loss, nervous disorders therefore continue to take eight to ten lemons per day for another week. 
5.    Then decrease by following the same rate of weekly basis. 
6.    Thereafter, take two or three lemons per day during the course of the day.
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