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Friday, January 10, 2014

Secondary day of depuration for fitness;

The steps of depuration cure for the secondary day; 

How to make depuration treatment?

The secondary day of depuration cure:

1.    In the morning as in the first day of treatment mix in a glass or cup a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed with two tablespoons of lemon juice, beat well until the mixture is homogeneous and drink on an empty stomach. 
2.    In case you do not find the olive oil first cold pressed, take instead, in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of clayey water prepared the night before, by adding the juice of two ripe lemons.

In the morning

1.    It is better not to eat anything before noon. 
2.    The ulcer and enteric can take a vegetable salad or boiled vegetables.
3.    If thirsty, drink water with lemon or take juicy fruits such as orange, grapefruit, grapes, etc.

Before lunch

1.    If you drank in the morning olive oil and lemon mixture, add juice of two lemons in a glass of clayey water prepared the night before, stir and drink. 
2.    If you drank in the morning mixture of clayey water and lemon, drink the juice of two lemons mixed with water. 
3.    Make a fresh fruit meal as before.

In the afternoon

1.    From the afternoon of the secondary day, if the body reacts favorably to the treatment, it probably will feel aches, fatigue, and can be a headache. 
2.    Do not worry about it. 
3.    It is recommended to stay at rest all day, if possible lying down, avoid heavy labor, any violent emotion, especially anger, nervousness, quarrel and loud noise, get relax, and do deep breathing. 
4.    If thirsty, drink only water with lemon or pressed orange juice.

In the evening

1.    Make a meal of fresh fruit, as at noon, or vegetable salad. 
2.    After the fruit meal or at bedtime, take a laxative tea as the first day, and prepare for the next day drinkable clay.
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