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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

To get fitness;

The procedure of depuration treatment;

How to do depuration cure?

The depuration treatment lasts three weeks, in the first week of treatment the process that undergoes is described below;

The eve of the first day

1.    In the evening, take a gentle, but active laxative tea that does not cause loose stools because it is not to purge the bowl, which is usually not recommended. 
2.    Find a laxative herbal pharmacy. 
3.    If you can get them, prefer the bark of buckthorn. 
4.    Make a decoction with two teaspoons for two large glasses of water.
5.    Boil to reduce to a glass of liquid. 
6.    Drink at bedtime. 
7.    If the effect is not satisfactory, then drink in the morning on an empty stomach. 
8.    Preparing for the next drinkable clay put a teaspoon of clay powder to soak in a glass of water; do not leave the spoon in it.

The first day

1.    In the morning, mix in a glass or cup a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil first cold pressed, with two tablespoons of lemon juice. 
2.    Beat well until the mixture is homogeneous, drink on an empty stomach. 
3.    In the case you do not find the olive oil first cold pressed, take instead in the morning on an empty stomach a glass of clayey water prepared the night before, by adding the juice of two ripe lemons.

In the morning

1.    It is better not to eat anything before noon.
2.    Those who suffer from stomach ulcer or duodenum, or can not starve themselves, be content to take ripe juicy fruits such as orange, grapefruit, pineapple, grapes, etc. 
3.    In case of being thirsty in the morning, drink lemon water or take juicy fruits.

 At noon

1.    Before lunch, as drinking in the morning the mixture of olive oil and lemon, add the juice of two lemons in glass of clayey water prepared the night before, stir and drink, but you must let the clay deposited at the bottom of the glass. 
2.    If you have drunk in the morning, the mixture of clayey water and lemon juice, drink then juice of two lemons added to water. 
3.    As the meal, eat fruits such as papaya, mango, apple, grapes, melon, and watermelon, chew well, but avoid the bananas. 
4.    The ulcers or enteric may, if they wish, add a salad dish, a green plate or a plate of boiled vegetables.

 After the meal

1.    Take hepatic infusion, infusion Quinquliba, or a mixture of plants like mint, rosemary, thyme, marigold, in equal parts. 
2.    Otherwise, drink the juice of a lemon in hot water. 
3.    If you suffer from dyspepsia, intestinal gas or usual indigestion, you can replace liver tea with a digestive tea, like mint, basil, melissa, bay leaf; infuse a pinch of each of the first three plants and two sheets of bay leaf in a large cup of boiling water for ten minutes, otherwise of basil or melissa, simply be content to take mint and bay, easier to find, drink half an hour after the meal.

In the afternoon

1.    When thirsty, drink only lemon water, water added a little lemon juice with honey, if you like, or water added squeezed orange juice. 
2.    Do deep breathing.

In the evening

1.    Make a meal of fruits as at noon, or if you prefer, make little salad vegetables. 
2.    At bedtime, take a laxative, as described in the previous day.
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