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Saturday, December 14, 2013

The risk of global warming;

The phenomenon of ozone hole and global warming;

What are the risks of global warming?

What is space pollution? 

Pollution of space is caused by the launch of satellites and space vehicles into airspace for the purposes of scientific, military, telecommunications, or television transmission, as well as explosions of atomic and nuclear facilities, or weapons, and also the resulting impact on the nature of space and the universe, influencing on the movement of the planets and other celestial, besides to the weather and the atmosphere.

 Natural phenomena

Are things that can not be controlled, or to predict what could happen in the future, it is believed that the prevalence of natural disasters in the recent years is the result of this type of pollution.

 Pollution of universe

The universe in which human lives is contaminated by several pollutants. Two types of pollutants are appeared at the moment, which have resulted from the activities of human being, these pollutants are working to destroying the universe, and namely they are the phenomenon of the ozone hole and global warming.

Phenomenon of ozone hole

The atmosphere of the planet is surrounded by ozone layer; this layer is made ​​up of triatomic oxygen molecules, while the normal oxygen molecule consists of dual atoms.
1.    The ozone layer operates to filter out the sun's rays by removing the harmful radiation to humans, such as ultraviolet radiation.
2.    When the ozone hole has been discovered fifteen years ago, it was the size of Greenland Island, but unfortunately the hole is continuing to expand larger.
3.    The danger of ozone hole lies in the increasing incidence of skin cancer due to exposure to high doses of ultraviolet radiation, because the more ozone hole increases, the more ultraviolet radiation penetrates to the Earth's surface and thus increases human infection of skin cancer.
4.    That man is the one who polluted the universe by exaggerating in using inert gases, such as Freon, which is used in refrigerators, air conditioners, cleaning sprays, Paint Airbrushes, insecticides airbrushes and other household airbrushes.

 Phenomenon of global warming

1.    Results from accumulated gases released often from human actions, such as carbon monoxide gases released from the exhaust of carbon monoxide of cars.
2.    Methane released from animal dung and putrefied organic matters.
3.    Other light gases released from factory chimneys, and so settled in the upper layer of the atmosphere gaseous enveloping the planet and going with it by the law of gravity,
4.    This layer prevents the heat exchange as it turns out the possibility of excess heat of the sun from escaping the earth surface to the atmosphere, therefore the earth becomes like a greenhouse protector for agriculture.

 Risks of global warming:

1.    Global warming causes increasing of earth heat, the greater the thickness of the layer of trapped gases above the ground, the more heats the planet standing.
2.    So then it results to increasing of desertification in the tropical and dried areas due to the lack of possibility of rainfall.
3.    As well as to increasing the risk of melting glaciers in the Arctic and Antarctic, which will lead to increasing the level of the surface of seas and oceans that will drown and disappear a lot of islands and some coastal areas will disappear, even those entire countries located in the very low land may be included.

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