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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Imbalance disadvantages of living;

What is the impact of imbalance living organism?

  The disturbance of living organisms;

Disturbance of living organisms, there is a natural balance between organisms, when this balance is upset and disturbed new harmful organisms will appear and some of the organisms that were not harmful in the past before the living imbalance may turn to dangerous or harmful pests; as it is also possible for some beneficial or non beneficial organisms to disappear or become extinct, so their activities stop completely.

Organisms imbalance caused by agricultural operations

1.    The using of chemical-based substances on farms, such as herbicides, when used they wipe out the herbs that farmers want to destruct, but new fresh herbs will appear, these newly kind of herbs that were not accounted, can be more serious.
2.    The impact of the rest of the herbicides has harmful and far-reaching effects on humans and animals, by provoking new diseases such as cancer, disabilities and congenital anomalies of the fetus.
3.    As well as insecticides; every agricultural insect has its enemies of living predatory insects, birds, or reptiles; When these living natural enemies fed of the poisoned insects with insecticide, they die too, which would lead to a proliferation of the insects in the fields that were not sprayed or in the neglected lands, where the insects can multiply freely, away from their natural enemies that perished, so the danger intensifies and the cost of control multiplies.  

Organisms imbalance caused by water pollution

There is no doubt that the pollution of the seas and oceans by the remnants of ships, such as oils, greases, and chemicals, in addition to overfishing, works on the extinction of many marine organisms, also decreases their types, particularly the benefit ones, as it would lead also to increase the number of some marine organisms in the beaches that may be harmful for the swimmers.

Organisms imbalance caused by the material pollution

Different types of contamination lead to the lack of balance in the environment in which human beings live; the types of material pollution include surface contamination of soil, water pollution, air pollution, food contamination, light pollution, electronic pollution, radiation pollution and space pollution; all of these lead to contamination of the physical environment surrounding the human beings, causing for them different health difficulties, that is novelty, and this pollution is often an act of man himself.  

Disturbance of living organisms caused by the urbanization

  1. The sprawling urbanisms on lands would have affected a lot of plants and trees. 
  2. Also the booming populations
  3. Human need for paper, timber, construction and agricultural lands led to the removal of a lot of forests, including their living organisms. 
  4. As well as human using of firearms in hunting brought the depletion of many wild animals. Nowadays there are some species that have already become extinct and other endangered species.
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