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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Damage of annoying noises;

The negative impact of annoying noises;

What are the damages of annoying sounds?

What is sound pollution? 

Inconvenient noises are the presence of undesirable noises and voices, which cause upsets and inconveniences to the ordinary people.
1.    Noises may not have the specific or noticeable impact, but their continuation or occurring frequently can cause neurological and psychological tension.
2.    Inconvenient noises always reflect harms to human health.
3.    It is known that the nuisance sounds are some means of torture practiced by many prisons. 

Noise sources

Noises and annoying sounds have different and multiple sources, including human and animal voices, a human being daily life moving, such as opening and closing doors and windows, and the daily works inside the home and the workplace, home appliances like cleaning devices, washing machines, and recording instruments, radio and television, loudspeakers , winds, tornadoes and thunders, and also various means of land, sea and air transportation, sirens and horns, machines used in the industry, bombings, wars or building canals, roads and others, firing rockets or game fires, launching spaceships, so all of these factors lead to annoying sounds

Damage of annoying noises

Sounds affect the strength of the hearing, as that may lead gradually to decrease in hearing or deafness. The negative impact influences on:
1.    Heart rate and blood pressure results to an appetite loss.
2.    Always feeling tired and lethargy.
3.    Leads to bad influence on the mucous membranes and damages to the skin.
4.    Impacts on blood sugar levels.
5.    Confuses the hormonal system.
6.    Provoking the inability of deep sleep and inability to concentrate in thinking.
7.    Not feeling calm and bad influence on the mastery of work and quality of production.
8.    All these are factors that result from bad noises and annoying sounds. 

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