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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Deforestation problems;

What is the speed of deforestation? 

How can deforestation affect tropical rainforests?       

What are deforestation processes?

Deforestation processes refer to the loss or destruction of naturally occurring forests, primarily due to human activities such as:
1.    Logging and cutting trees for fuel, see also the impact of burning wood.
2.    Slash and burn agriculture.
3.    Clearing land for livestock grazing.
4.    Mining operations and oil extraction.
5.    Dam building, and urban sprawling or other types of development and population expansion.
6.    Therefore deforestation is a growing global problem with far-reaching environmental and economic consequences, including some that may not be fully understood until it is too late to prevent them.

Logging activities:

1.    Logging is the activity of cutting down trees to sell the wood, but much of it is illegal, and the loss accounts for more than thirty tow million acres of planet's natural forests every year according to the Nature Conservancy.
2.    Not all deforestation is intentional; some deforestation may be driven by a combination of natural processes and human interests.
3.    Wildfires burn large sections of forest every year, and although fire is a natural part of the forest lifecycle, but subsequent overgrazing by livestock or wildlife after a fire can prevent the growth of young trees.

Deforestation speed:

1.    Forests still cover about thirty percent of the Earth's surface, but each year about thirteen million hectares of forests are converted to agricultural land or cleared for other purposes.
2.    According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization reports that approximately 7.3 million hectares of forests are permanently lost every year.
3.    Reforestation programs as well as landscape restoration and the natural expansion of forests have somewhat slowed the net deforestation rate.

Tropical rainforests:

1.    In some places like Indonesia, the Congo, and the Amazon Basin, these rainforests are particularly vulnerable and at risk.
2.    At the current rate of deforestation tropical rainforests could be wiped out as functioning ecosystems in less than one hundred years.
3.    West Africa has lost about ninety percent of its coastal rainforests, while deforestation in South Asia has been nearly as bad.
4.    Two-thirds of the lowland tropical forests in Central America have been converted to pasture since nineteen fifty, and also forty percent of all rainforests have been lost.
5.    Madagascar has lost ninety percent of its eastern rainforests, and more than ninety percent of the Atlantic Forest has been disappeared in Brazil.
6.    Many countries have declared deforestation a national emergency.

This tree is an example of abuse cutting trees in the rural of Kankossa Mauritania
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