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Monday, November 25, 2013

Destroying environment by pollutions;

Forms of surface pollution and its negative effects;

What is Surface pollution?

What is environment? 

Environment is a combination of factors, natural elements, earth, air, flora and fauna that surround human beings.

Environment issues

  1. The surrounding or the medium in which the man lives is exposed to demolition and destruction by man himself, man is destroying the surrounding environment in two ways. 
  2. Namely either the pollution of the surrounding, or breach of ecological balance, thereby creating him a lot of diseases and physical or psychological disabilities, and makes a man suffer huge losses and great effort to get rid of the negative effects of this destruction and demolition. 
  3. It is not limited only on humans the destruction and demolition of the environment, but to all living beings, as well as to some natural phenomena.  
  4. There are a lot of plants and animals that have become extinct and endangered species.
  5. Environment pollution has exceeded the land to the atmosphere, the seas and oceans, which have already contaminated by remnants of ships, as well as the halt between seas, oceans and rivers, valleys, which were carrying from the land, fresh water, loaded with various mineral elements, necessary for the growth of organisms, because of the set up of dams on the rivers and valleys, this breaches the balance of the marine organisms ecosystem, see also effects of acid rain on environment.

Surface pollution

Means the presence of a strange things above the ground, other than those constituting the surface layer, whether this layer is a normal, like agricultural land, desert and mountains, or man has changed its image or set up on it some facilities, such as the cultivated landscape, paved roads or buildings.

Forms of surface pollution

Dusts and sands transported by wind or running water, or resulting from the fragmentation of rocks and minerals recently, ashes and remnants of volcanoes and fires, stones and remnants of demolished buildings, human wastes, open sewage drainage, food preparation wastes, wastes of cleanup sites, fishing wastes, cans, plastics, batteries, and garbage of shops, markets, restaurants and slaughterhouses, which have been gathered or thrown by man, waste water spilled in public places, parts of plant debris resulting from pruning, disease or death, stacks of coal, pieces of wood, remains of dead animals, birds, insects, fishes, microorganisms, which live on plant and animal residues, and residues of various industries and workshops, and dioxins.

Negative effects of pollution

Occurrence of putrefaction and fermentation, multiplying of flies, mosquitoes, micro-organisms and other pathogens, creating places suitable for the biting animals to live, providing an ideal environment for insects that cause losses and transmit diseases to humans, leading to the pollution of water and air and therefore the deployment of epidemics and diseases, distorting the beauty of places, man feels upset and boredom, corrupting public taste and self-comfort.
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