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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Water pollution;

  The issues and nuisances of water pollution;

What is the risk of water pollution?

 What are water pollution sources?

The needs of water; water enters in the composition of the bodies of all living organisms and foremost human, the human who needs daily from tow to five liters of clean water to drink and prepare his food, and from forty to sixty liters to clean his body and his residence, in addition to his needs to one cubic meter of water per day to produce plants and animal husbandry to provide the necessary foods.

Water pollution sources

Human remains, such as his natural excretions and sewage drainage, waste plants, animals, and various industrial wastes, the waste of the industries of salts, acids, oils, metals and harmful gases, fertilizers used in farms and gardens, whether industrial or natural pesticides used in resistance to insects, pests, fungal, herbal and others, transportation means, especially, maritime and their remnants of oils, greases and toxic gases, atomic and nuclear reactors that produce radiations, parasitic worms, micro- organisms, especially microbes that cause diseases.

The nuisance of water pollution

Poisoning humans, animals and plants,  transmission of diseases such as cholera, bilharzia, dysentery and others, damage to the fisheries, which are  major sources of food and economy, damaging the microbiological and aquatic plants that produce oxygen, killing the bacteria, which cleaned the water, or that act as self water cleaner, effecting on the natural water equilibrium, increasing water hardness and reducing the  effectiveness of its use in cleaning purposes and irrigation, giving negative  impact on the appearance of water and suitability for treatment, recuperation, recreation and leisure.
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