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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Health risk of air pollution;

Air pollution phenomena brings negative impact on the atmospheric weather;

What is health risk of air pollution?

What is air pollution and its cause?

Air pollution is any change in the physical or chemical or biological composition of the air; whether it is caused by gases or fumes or vapors or ash or dust or radiation or others. The process of breathing and integrity are essential and necessary to humans and all living beings and plants. 

Sources of air pollution:

There are several different sources of air pollution, such as the breathing of humans, animals and plants, as well as transportation by land, air and marine, power generators of various kinds whether they are mobility, optic, thermic, radiation, electric, atomic, nuclear or others, and also micro-organisms, particularly, microbes and fungi's, particles of ashes and dusts volatilizing in the air, aerosols or suspended light weight matters that remain suspended in the air for long time without falling, radioactive materials, waste ships and spacecraft’s, all these and others are great sources of air pollution.

Health risk of air pollution:  

Negative impact on the process of respiration in humans, living beings, and plants, which could result in some serious cases to suffocation and poisoning, deployment of epidemics and diseases, whether through the gases and chemical compounds such as lung cancer or heart  depression, or by micro-organisms such as influenza and fevers, feeling fatigue, tiredness, lethargy and inability to make great efforts, inflammation in the lining of the external members such as eyes, mouth, ears, damaging the skin and the occurrence of abscesses, harmful effects on growth and metabolism of plants, destruction of buildings, installations, sculptures made ​​of limestone and materials affected by moisture, acid vapors resulting from harmful gases, besides to the impact on the weather and atmospheric phenomena.
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