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Saturday, August 31, 2013

How to cure varicose veins;

the adverse foods and the favorable foods for varicose veins;

 The natural cure for the varicose veins;

  • The causes of varicose veins

As hemorrhoids, varicose veins are caused by disorders of the venous circulation, including the operation of the valves that regulate blood flow to the top or to the periphery of the body, when the valves atrophy, particularly when is in a vertical position, blood flows back as against the current. This results in an increase in venous pressure which dilates the walls of veins, distends lymphatic, causes heaviness and swelling as edema. In women, the compression of certain veins during pregnancy can make them swell. But the situation is reversed if proper precautions are taken in time. 
  • The abuse of bad foods

Hereditary predisposition, aggravated by an intoxicating food with lots of meat and refined grains are constipating and gain weight, prolonged standing, wearing belts or tight clothes, sun bathing and crossing legs, all these favor the appearance of varicose veins.

The appropriate natural treatment for the varicose veins;

  • Traditional treatment

Aims to sclerotic veins leads to a sort of phlebitis causing eczema rebels. It can also ablate the vein, but this is only a stop gap.
  • The appropriate natural treatment

Allows a slow regress but steady, see permanent definitive the harm. It consists of a food reform, lifestyle and appropriate treatment.
  • Food reforming

The principles of health reform indicated for hypertension and hypotension are valid for varicose veins. We must emphasize the points listed below.
  • Removing adverse food

Avoid abuse of meat foods, conservative legumes, refined and low-fiber vegetable foods.
  • Using favorable food

It is necessary to eat plenty of fruits, such as citrus, pineapple, grapes etc. and green vegetables. Prefer whole grains, use of dietary supplements, especially wheat germs with three tablespoons per day, and regularly eat fresh sprouts.
  • The lifestyle

Avoid as possible standing and prolonged trampling. Practice walking and all exercises that work the muscles of the legs. Do not wear tight clothing. To sleep, slightly elevate legs.
  • The treatment against varicose veins

Includes inpatient care as appropriate teas, onion, clay, lime etc. and outpatient care, such as poultices, washes, massages, foot baths. Many of these treatments have been explained about hypertension or hypotension. But other specific treatments for varicose veins will be described in the next page.
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