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Friday, September 6, 2013

The appropriate treatment against varicose veins;

Herbal teas for varicose veins and varicose ulcer;

Appropriate cure against varicose veins;

  • How to make different cures for different diseases; 

  1. The lemon cure
  2. On the first day, take the juice of a lemon added a little water or infusion of birch leaves, infuse a tablespoon of birch leaves in a quart of boiling water for twenty minutes, drink warm with a little honey. 
  3. From the second day, add a lemon per day up to nine lemons on the ninth day. 
  4. Then reduce a lemon per day, to return to two lemons on the sixteenth day. 
  5. It should be noted that the number of lemons consists all lemons consumed during the day, alone or in combination with other products at another cure. 
  6. The teas for the liver and circulation
  7. Infuse marigold and nuts of cypress, black currant leaves, nettle branch flowers, go and drink. 
  8. The treatment of raw onion
  9. This treatment is to consume one or two medium-sized onions for ten to fifteen days in combination with the dishes cooked or raw vegetables seasoned with lemon juice and oil. 
  10. This type of treatment can be extended to several weeks without problem
  • Herbal teas against varicose veins:

  1.  Lycopodium
  2. Infuse a tablespoon of lycopodium for six minutes in a quart of boiling water, drink this amount per day.  
  3. Hamamelis
  4. Boil one tablespoon of Witch hazel in a quart of water for two minutes, drink two cups a day. 
  5. Mille-feuille
  6. Put a tablespoon of chopped plant yarrow in a quart of cold water, bring to a boil, then infuse for ten minutes and drink three cups a day between meals. 
  7. Mixture
  8. Make mixtures between chestnut, cypress nuts, red wine, lycopodium, twenty grams each. 
  9. Witch hazel, yarrow, fifteen grams of each. 
  10. Viburnum, mistletoe, ten grams each. 
  11. Put two teaspoons of the mixture in a quart of cold water. 
  12. Boil gently for two minutes, then leave to infuse for ten minutes and go drink two cups a day for three weeks.
  • The foot bath with hot and cold water alternately:

  1. Soak ten times the legs if possible to knees alternately for a minute in hot water between thirty and thirty five degree Celsius.
  2. Water should be salted with gray salt by a handful for a bucket of water, then soak into cold water between twenty and twenty five degree Celsius for one minute. 
  3. Finish with cold water.
  • Poultices and washes:

  1. At the beginning of treatment, it is necessary to use a poultice of leaves of raw cabbage or washes. 
  2. Thereafter, it is possible to use the clay poultice. 
  3. The raw cabbage leaf poultice
  4. choose a piece of red or green cabbage. 
  5. Remove with a knife the big side of the sheet. 
  6. Crush the leaves with a bottle without tearing. 
  7. Expose over a heat source, such as furnace or stove. 
  8. Place the sheet on varicose veins, add another sheet uncrushed and bandage, and leave it in place for several hours. 
  9. Washes or wet compresses.  
  10. Make them with a decoction of oak bark, one hundred grams per liter of water. 
  11. Boil for thirty minutes and use at desirable temperature.  
  12. Massages
  13. Light massage aims to strengthen the muscles and superficial veins. 
  14. They are made morning and evening, always back towards the heart. 
  15. It uses camphor oil and crushed garlic. 
  16. Prepare the ointment by mixing two camphor oil volumes and one volume of crushed garlic. 
  17. Keep in a lidded container. 
  18. Use lemon juice, oil, sweet almond, cream algae or ointment of agrimony. 
  • Treatment for varicose ulcer:

  1. Cypress
  2. put a pinch of broken nuts of cypress in a cup of water. 
  3. Boil a few minutes; drink two cups a day between meals. 
  • For washing and gauze:

  1. Horsetail
  2. Put three handfuls of horsetail in a liter of water. 
  3. Boil fifteen minutes and use. 
  4. Comfrey
  5. Put three to four handfuls of comfrey per liter of water. 
  6. Boil fifteen minutes and soak overnight and use. 
  7. Bark of oak
  8. Put two handfuls of oak bark per liter of water. 
  9. Boil fifteen minutes and use. 
  10. Salt water and lemon juice.  
  11. Put two tablespoons of gray salt in a pint of hot water. 
  12. Add juice of a large lemon, use for lotionner ulcer and to dress it. 
  • For dressings:

  1. Cabbage leaf. 
  2. Put three layers of cabbage leaves and make a thick bandage. 
  3. Keep at least three hours or overnight if you do it in the evening. 
  4. You can renew the dressing three to four times per day, you can also use oil or ointment of marigold.
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