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Friday, August 23, 2013

How to cure hemorrhoids?

The straining and pressure cause the veins in the anal area to become enlarged and tender!

The main causes of hemorrhoids! 

How being hemorrhoids generated!

Hemorrhoids are caused by a deterioration of the venous circulation. This may be due to excessive intake of protein, fat and sugar, consumption of fruits with other foods as dessert, abuse condiments, such as salt, mustard, pepper, seasoning glutamate liquid or cube; all these can cause intestinal fermentation or digestive discomfort, provoke bloating, gastrointestinal irritation, colitis, and finally hemorrhoids or varicose veins. For people who lead a sedentary and remain long sitting, hemorrhoids appear on the anus. They can be external and creep out of the anus, or internal and bleeding.

What is the natural treatment!

The logical solution to cure these deficiencies in the venous circulation is to purify the blood by eliminating anything that can thicken or poison, like alcohol, saturated fats, refined flour and sugars, meat, fish; Accelerate blood circulation; Tone blood vessels. The means to adjust all these are food reforming and taking an appropriate treatment.

How to make food reforming!

Food reform follows the same principles as for hypertension and hypotension, that is to say, suppress unfavorable food and use favorable food.

What are unfavorable foods to be removed!

Some of the unfavorable foods are mentioned above, and there may be an urgent need to eliminate even for some time meat, vinegar, alcohol, margarine, saturated fats, white bread, and white sugar.

What are favorable foods to be consumed!

It requires a diet of fruit, raw and cooked vegetables, emphasizing onion, watercress, melon, grapes. Eat whole grains, including rye bread, millet or sorghum, germinated seeds of cereals or legumes.

How to cure against hemorrhoids!

Drinkable clay cure!

The treatment of drinkable clay and lemon, the night before, pour one tea spoon of powdered clay in half a glass of water without leaving the spoon in the glass. The next morning add the juice of three to four lemons, stir and drink half an hour before breakfast.

Olive oil and lemon cure!

The treatment of olive oil and lemon, alternate the treatment of olive oil and lemon with the cure of drinkable clay, one for a week and one for a week after another.

Tobacco leaves cure!

The suppositories of tobacco leaves, take a piece of green leaf of tobacco, and then crease between your palms to soften it. Roll it by something like a cork and place it in the anus as a suppository after emptying the bowels. This promotes rapid healing of broken veins. Failing to have fresh sheet, it is possible to use a dryer sheet soaked in water.

Herbal teas cure!

The purifying teas, it is to make mixture of burdock, couch, buckthorn, roots of patience, cockle, bittersweet, licorice root, birch bark, fifteen grams of each. Put three tablespoons of the mixture into a liter of water. Boil for ten minutes. Reduce to three quarters. Drink throughout the day.

Introit horse chestnut cure!

The introit Horse chestnut, this material regulates blood circulation. It is bought in pharmacies. Follow the dosage indicated.

Harpagophytum cure!

The decoctions of harpagophytum, roots of Harpagophytum purify the blood. Pour a teaspoonful in a pint of boiling water. Marinate overnight. Strain and drink three times, morning, afternoon, and evening.

Some plant mixture cure!

The teas against hemorrhoids, it is to make mixture of red vine leaves, yarrow, witch hazel, mistletoe, shepherd's purse, chestnut, cypress nuts, horsetail twenty grams of each. Put five tablespoons of the mixture into a liter of water. Bring to a boil. Marinate overnight or boil two to three minutes and infuse ten to fifteen minutes. Drink between meals.

Warm bath sit cure!

The bath of warm sit, if there is bleeding, fluent or much emerged hemorrhoids make small bath’s sit or washing the rectal at temperature of thirty degrees Celsius with the following brews to choose from.

Oak bark decoction cure!

The decoction of crushed bark of oak, take two handfuls of these barks per liter of water. Boil fifteen minutes.

Dandelion decoction cure!

The decoction of dandelion, take a handful of dandelion per liter of water. Boil two minutes and leave to infuse for ten minutes.

Leeks decoction cure!

The decoction of leeks, it is to make boiling longtime, ten large, sliced leeks ​​in several liters of water. Use for a bath as hot seat as possible.  

Roman chamomile cure!

The decoction of roman chamomile, it is to put a tablespoon of flowers per cup of water. Boil and steep ten minutes. Make washes rectum.

Plant poultices cure!

Poultices of plants, it is to apply on the hemorrhoids, for an hour and a half, several times a day, either of the following poultices, poultice of pulp of warmed pumpkin, poultice of well mashed of eggplant leaves, poultice of finely grated of ground apple, poultice of crushed and cooked or raw onion, poultice of crushed onion and mixed with butter. Keep these poultices with a sanitary napkin or a bandage interlaced.  

All natural product of venapro cure!

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