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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Relationship between cancer and PH;

How to reach the right levels of PH balance?

PH and the Cancer;

The role of alkaline PH and health

Cancer and many other current diseases are in large part due to an imbalance PH in the acid and alkaline levels found in the fluids and tissues of the body. Acid-alkaline balance is determined by measuring PH levels. On a scale of one through 14, a PH level of seven indicates neutral; a healthy balance is slightly alkaline, at 7.4 today diets emphasize many acidic foods and beverages, which can lead to chronic over-acidity in the body. When this occurs, the body creates an environment that reduces oxygen levels and supports unhealthy microorganisms.


If the levels of alkaline are low in the body or too much acidity in the diet, this is the case of acidosis and so, can lead to accelerated aging, demineralization, the growth of harmful microorganisms, inflammation, impaired enzyme activity and diseases, such as cancer and other. These conditions occur because the body becomes unable to neutralize and rid itself of these acids. The symptoms of high acidity in the system may be always, feeling fatigue as a lowered immune response. So when suffering from these, it is necessary to get checking the PH levels.  


 It is possible to have much alkaline in the system, but it is highly unusual in today's. When this condition occurs, it tends to create an environment of chronic illness. The symptoms may be feeling light headache and confused, experiencing muscle spasms and suffering from nausea. Then, checking of the PH levels becomes necessary as these symptoms are common to a number of illnesses.

Gout and PH imbalance

Gout is a painful problem related to pH imbalance. High levels of uric acid are the culprit in this condition, which is often blamed on overindulgence. Restoring balance by increasing intake of alkaline foods may help counteract the underlying cause of gout.

Factors affecting alkaline health:

 The type of the modern diet that is high in processed foods, meats and grains is a primary culprit in the rise of acidosis. The organisms may also be affected by the toxicity of the environment, such as pollution and chemicals which are acidifying the bodies. Another important element in this matter is the amount of stress that occurs to someone. The more that he feels, the more acid his system produces.

Restoring alkaline health:

 As there are so many contributors to acidosis, it is important that people pay attention to caring for their alkaline health, by replacing at least a portion of coffee, soda and tea with water and lemon, which is highly alkalizing and also cutting back on processed foods and meats by reaching for whole foods, such as fresh vegetables, nuts and seeds. To restore PH balance, they have to eat 80 percent alkaline-forming foods, and once they reach the right levels, and then maintain a diet of 60 percent alkaline-forming foods. Practicing meditation or other stress-reducing activities can also be beneficial.

Maintaining alkaline health:

 Is becoming more and more important as the modern diet and environment moves away from its purer and more natural roots. While the body is capable of surviving under challenging conditions, at some point, imbalances can occur. Therefore the PH levels should be constantly checked, and then begin to implement changes that can create long-lasting health in the system.
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