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Friday, February 1, 2013

What to do with diabetes;

What are the real solutions to deal with the diabetic situation?

How to find good solutions for diabetes disease; 

What is diabetes?

Nutrition Disease, diabetes is a disease of nutrition, due to a disruption of the system that ensures the stability of blood sugar in the blood. So healing is through controlling and finding again the system controller. There are two kinds of solutions to deal with the diabetic situation.
  • Precarious solutions

  1. Solutions that are artificial, that merely supplement the deficiency of regulatory system by the action of drugs, which the patient becomes dependent lifetime. 
  2. Medical treatment is always based either on the regular injection of insulin extracted from the pancreas of animals or produced synthetically, either sulphonylureas, while these drugs do not cure the disease.
  3. Well sure, insulin facilitates the combustion of carbohydrates, fats and activates the transformation, but it attacks the effects not the causes of disease. 
  4. The artificial injection of insulin condemns the pancreas to irremediable degeneration. 
  5. It is not also advisable sugar substitutes such as cyclamate, which excite nerves. 
  6. That may result to the total exclusion of sweet fruits and honey, as this ought to harm to pancreas.
  • Good solutions

  1. Those solutions that aim to restore the natural balance to the body, to make the system regulating the uptake of sugar and its normal self functions. 
  2. Proper treatment of diabetes begins with diet reforming that corrects blood sugar and other hand purifies and stimulates the liver and pancreas, so they perform their duties well. 
  3. The specific treatment begins by fasting or diet, especially for fat diabetes and continuing with a proper cure. 
  4. Thus, adding the principles of healthy living.
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