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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Various forms of diabetes;

Skinny diabetes, other symptoms, fat diabetes, main symptoms of diabetes, Secondary diabetes;

The principal and secondary diabetes; 

The signs of diabetes;

 Mellitus diabetes, the two main forms of mellitus diabetes are lean diabetes and fat diabetes, accounting for 90% of diabetics. Others are secondary diabetes; they result from the consequences of other diseases.

Skinny diabetes: 

This form of diabetes is particularly severe. Weight loss is constant net in these diabetic cases; see several pounds in a few weeks. Lean diabetes is meeting especially, children and youth. It slows growth, delays puberty and causes emotional disturbances. The body is unable to use sugar from food, so cannot nourish the cells; the sugar goes straight to the kidneys. Hyperglycemia is then high. Carbohydrates are barely assimilated because insulin is inactive. The transformation of fats and proteins is incomplete, this produces acidosis from fat.

Signs of diabetes: 

The patient shows signs of diabetic coma, particularly during puberty as nervousness, insomnia and somnolence.

Other symptoms: 

To evacuate sugar, urinary augment up to four liters or more in twenty-four hours, instead of one liter and half at normal times. The patient gets up from time to time to urinate. He has a permanent thirst to compensate for urinary excretion. With sugar in the urine attracts flies, the patient sometimes lasting absence of appetite and breath smelling of apple. It feels fatigue, physical and intellectual, power exhausted without making any effort. The adult is suffering from impotence sexual.

Fat diabetes: 

This form of diabetes usually appears in adults with overweight or obesity trends, due to accumulation of sugar in their tissues. Leaners are less sensitive. Men are more affected than women. Diabetes increases by tobacco, alcohol, overeating and rich foods, and exposure to noise, stress. Fat diabetes is a disease of civilization which particularly affects people in middle age. It presents as a hereditary trait.

Main symptoms of diabetes: 

In fat diabetes, in addition to signs for lean diabetes, there are many complications, such as, skin infections, itching around the genital organs, dry skin, hands and feet warm, red tongue, rare saliva, red and swollen gums, and spontaneous fall and painless teeth, buttons in the mouth, huge appetite, frequent constipation, neuropathic and vascular disorders, blood in the urine, cataracts, joint and bone damage and tuberculosis.

Secondary diabetes: 

Certain diseases can cause the onset of diabetes, such as pancreatitis, hepatitis, cirrhosis and very extensive cancer. While others come from endocrine diabetes disorders, especially pituitary, thyroid, adrenal glands. It should be noted that kidney failure can lead to the presence of sugar in the urine without changing the blood’s sugar. Nervous imbalance can cause diabetes insipid us. It is a chronic condition in which the urine is plentiful and unsweetened low density.
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