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Friday, February 8, 2013

The basis of cure for diabetes;

The harmful role of Ketone bodies and carbohydrates;

 How to get rid of diabetes;

Reforming food, it is necessary to remove some foods that digestion and assimilation are difficult and can not be insured properly, especially sweets, starchy foods deprived of vitamin B and necessary elements to make them digested and assimilated. 
  • Ketone bodies

The body can not eliminate residual acids, if the supply is too abundant or nutritious. Therefore the body reabsorbs constantly the foods and then be intoxicated. Food processing of nitrogen and grease left in the body wastes, called ketone bodies, such as cholesterol. Under normal circumstances these wastes are destroyed by the liver, kidneys, muscles, thanks to sugar in the blood. But if the blood sugar is low, ketone bodies are too abundant and so that increase the acidity of the blood. Therefore, the blood vessels are damaged. This causes premature aging and can cause serious complications, including arteritis, kidney damage, cataract, member’s gangrene.
  • Foods to remove

These are carbohydrates, poor quality foods, especially, fats, exciting.
  • Carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are white sugar, and all the products that contain them, such as candy, pastries, soft drinks, jams. This sugar does not benefit the body. At the beginning of treatment, you must remove the strong flours; such as cereals and particularly, refined flours, like bread, pasta made ​​from white flour.  Refrain from potato, lentils, beans and other legumes.
  • Cooked fats

These are including animal fats, fried foods, meat juices, milk, sauces, as the excess can lead to cirrhosis of the liver, common in diabetes.
  • Stimulants

Tobacco embarrasses the conversion of sugars in the body; it causes arteritis and can cause hypoglycemia. Coffee, tea, cocoa, alcohols, vinegar, are substances that excite and destroy nerve cells, overwork the liver and pancreas.
  • Foods to consume

The drama of diabetic is that, he always lacks sugar, as he eliminates too much of it. While he needs to take a sugar that can be absorbed and fixed, without putting the liver and pancreas to the point of exhaustion. Only suitable sugars of fruits and some honey are required.
  • Fruits

Consumption of raw fruits has very positive effects on the healing of diabetes. So choose ripe fruits of very good quality. Among the recommended fruits orange, lemon, grapefruit, pineapple, fresh and ripe banana, melon, watermelon, plum, fresh red cherry, apple, ripe pear, dried fruits, especially dates, nitrogen fruits such as almonds, hazelnuts, peanuts, cashews.
  • Honeys

Honey of good quality contains fructose, glucose and laevulose which makes it very digestible and safe for the patient, it even helps to lower blood sugar. Recommended honeys are acacia, orange, rosemary.  
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