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Friday, February 22, 2013

How lifestyle help avoiding cancer?

The main factors damaging the DNA;

 How does cancer prevention work?

Four healthy behaviors

A combination of four healthy behaviors would affect somebody health, these are: not smoking, avoid alcohol, keeping active, eating daily many portions of fruits and vegetables. People who ticked all four healthy boxes gained an average of 14 years of life, compared to people who did not do any of them. They may be less likely to have died from cancer or heart disease. Some study about cancer cases suggests that a third of cancers are linked to smoking, alcohol, diet or being overweight.

Cancer research

For many people, cancer research is all about the hunt for a cure. More people are surviving cancer than ever before and better treatments will surely save more lives in the future. But they are one part of the bigger picture. Investigating the causes of different types of cancer could play an equally important role in stopping them from developing in the first place.

Fight against cancer

Prevention plays an important part in the fight against cancer, as it is not possible to discover a single cure for cancer because it is actually a group of more than 200 diseases, most of which will need many different treatments. Many types of cancer that are difficult to detect early and treat effectively can be largely prevented, these include lung cancer and esophageal cancer, such as bowel cancer and mouth cancer and also malignant melanoma. Even though survival rates for many cancers are high, living with cancer and going through treatment can be a difficult experience.

How does cancer prevention work

While a small proportion of cancers are caused by inherited genes, the vast majority is triggered by DNA damage that accumulates during a person lifetime, DNA is a molecular instruction manual that tells the cells what to do. Damaged DNA can make cells grow and divide uncontrollably, the hall mark of all cancers. In many cases, healthy living reduces the risk of cancer by reducing the exposure to things that damage DNA.

The main factors damaging the DNA

The poisons in cigarette smoke, the chemicals produced in the body by drinking alcohol, the ultraviolet radiation in sunlight and other sources of radiation, not keeping healthy body weight.
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