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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Treatment against parasites;

Parasites weaken the body conditions as they feed at the expense of the infected person; 

Treatment against parasites!

The cures against worms:

These are effective cures against different kinds of worms. So start by disinfectant enemas and complete with either treatment described later.

 Disinfectants enemas:

There are two formulas to choose one or the other. The first is the formula of clayey water enema, which is prepared with good quality of clay. The other option is the enema of garlic, lemon or sugary water and salty water.

The garlic enemas:

Boil four heads of garlic in a quart of water for ten minutes, add three teaspoons of thyme. Brew for ten minutes and use. It is possible to boil four heads of garlic in a liter of milk until reduced to three quarters of a liter. Do an enema once daily for three days consecutively.

The lemon enemas:

Boil two or three lemons, cut into quarters in a liter of water for ten minutes. Let cool and use it once a day for two consecutive days.

The enemas of sugary water and salty water:

Dissolve two tablespoons of sugar in a liter of warm water and use this solution to an enema in the morning, on an empty stomach. Do an enema in the evening with a solution prepared with a liter of warm water and two tablespoons of salt.

The cure of drinkable clay:

Take a teaspoon of clay in a half glass of cold water, half an hour before each meal, for a week.

The cure of garlic and carrot:

Make a dish with grated carrot, two cloves of garlic macerated in olive oil, fresh parsley and raw onion. Eat every day at the beginning of lunch and dinner. It is also possible to take two to four cloves of crushed garlic in milk every morning on an empty stomach.

The cure of carrot juice or cabbage:

Drink half a glass of carrot jus or cabbage in the morning on an empty stomach before meals.

The cure of lemon:

Take three untreated lemons. Cut into quarters and boil for ten minutes. Go and drink three times a day before meals, add each time juice of half a fresh lemon.

The cure of garlicky water:

In the evening, chop two or three cloves of garlic in half a glass of warm water. The next morning, remove the garlic pieces, add lemon juice and drink on an empty stomach for three weeks. This treatment can be combined with the coconut or drinkable clay by mixing the two.

The cure of coconuts:

Grate the kernels of coconut or cut into small pieces to extract the juice in a juicer, a food mill, a mortar. Add half a glass of boiling water. Mix and filter to get fresh coconut milk. Drink this milk in the morning on an empty stomach for seven days. Take in the eighth day the herbal laxative of senna and buck-thorn.

The cure of lemon seeds:

Make dry lemon seeds, mash to convert them into powder and then, sieve. Swallow a teaspoon with water every morning on an empty stomach for seven days. Take laxative teas.

The cure of papaya seeds:

Mash and convert fresh seeds to powder. Mix two tablespoons with a sweet drink or porridge. Consume on an empty stomach for three days.

The cure of elderberry infusion:

Put a tablespoon of flowers of elderberry in a quart of boiling water. Cool, strain and drink.

The cure of seeds or oil seeds of pumpkin:

This is a very effective cure against roundworms and tapeworms. Chew on an empty stomach, three times, by a half-hour intervals. Take three tablespoons of shelled pumpkin seeds, crush and mix with honey. Drink after an hour, an herbal laxative of senna and buck-thorn. It is possible to consume three tablespoons of pumpkin seeds in the morning on an empty stomach for seven days and drink the herbal laxative on the eighth day. In addition to swallow a tablespoon of pumpkin oil seeds in the morning on an empty stomach, for fifteen days. By the end of the last day, make cure of seat bath, with warm salty water.

The cure of pomegranate:

It is as important as the late previous, especially against roundworms and tapeworms. Put two or three handfuls of pomegranate root barks in a liter of water. Boil until reduced by two-thirds of a liter. Drink on an empty stomach three times, in half an hour apart. Take a laxative tea of buck-thorn after one hour. 
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