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Monday, December 17, 2012

Cures against giardia;

What are the rules of hygiene?

Curing against the Giardia diseases!

The cures against worms, the preliminary enemas described in the previous page:
Treatment against parasites, for treatment against parasites are very effective.
  • Cure elderberry infusion:

Put a tablespoon of elderberry’s flowers in a quart of boiling water. Cool, strain and drink.
  • Cure against amoebae:

Make decoction by putting a spoonful of dried berries of blueberries in a quart of water or a handful in a liter of water. Boil gently fifteen minutes and let cool. Remove and crush blueberries to extract the pulp. Mix with the decoction again, and drink several times a day.
  • Decoction of boxwood:

Put a handful of boxwood’s leaves in a liter of water. Boil and reduce to three quarters of a liter of liquid. Leave to infuse until cool, strain and drink. Use this treatment three or four weeks. In the case of amoebae, associate with drinkable clay and take before meals. It is possible to alter the decoction cures of blueberries and boxwood, a week for one and a week for another.
  • Infusion of garlic and thyme:

Boil four heads of garlic in a quart of boiling water for ten minutes. Add three teaspoons of thyme. Infuse ten minutes, go and drink a tablespoon every three hours during the day, for few days.
  • Cure against Shigelles and E. coli:

The cures against amoebae in the previous page are effective but it can be added the subsequent cures.
  • Cure of avocado:

Eat raw avocado, for two main meals and season at will, with oil, salt, lemon, onion.
  • Poultices of clay or ivy:

Place the poultice on the low abdomen in the evening at bed time for overnight.
  • In conclusion:

To conclude, it is to remember that prevention is better than cure. We must apply some rules of hygiene to avoid troubles. These rules are based on the fact that microbial germs and eggs or cysts of parasites are released into the urine and feces of patients, where the contamination can happen by dirty hands, feces, contaminated water, raw vegetables, and flies.
  • Precaution:

Ensure fecal hygiene. Wash hands with soap and water before eating. Accustom children to not wear dirty fingers in their mouths.
  • Ensure water hygiene:

Protect well against pollution. Clean drinking water or bath filtration. Use boiling or chemical disinfection.
  • Ensure food hygiene:

Wash raw vegetables, fresh or dried fruits, peel mangoes, apples, etc. before eating, put foods away from flies, cockroaches, ants and reject those which are defiled, contaminated or varied. 
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