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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The fact of parasites;

How to cure digestive disorders due to parasites?

Disadvantages of parasites;

Intestinal parasites:

The organism offers a process conducive to various parasites of the digestive system, especially in the case of weakening the body's natural defense, because of the excessive foods, or deficient diets, and also while there is malnutrition, under-foods, and poor hygiene such as eating with dirty hands, contaminated food or water etc.

Types of parasites:

1.      There are many types of parasites, which include different types of worms;
2.      Such as, roundworms, hookworms, thread worms, pin worms, whip worms and tapeworms;
3.      The giardias or lambliases;
4.      Amoebae, shigelles and E. coli.

Methods of contamination of parasites:

1.      Parasites live in the intestine, depending on the body’s food;
2.      They lay eggs and form cysts which are excreted in feces. 

Methods of transmission of parasites:

1.      Various types of parasites are transmitted by different ways;
2.      There is what is transmitted through the skin, on the occasion of walking barefoot on contaminated soil, water or mud for hookworms and thread worms;
3.      Others are transmitted by ingestion of contaminated food or drinking, as for roundworms, pin worms, whip worms, amoebae, giardia, and shigelles;
4.      While transmissions of tapeworms occur by eating the meat of beef or pork infected or badly cooked. 

Harmful actions of parasites:

1.      Parasites contribute to the weakening of the conditions, as they feed in the gut at the expense of the infected person;
2.      The number of parasites determines the degree of anemia, because a roundworm consumes daily 1 gram of food, whereas a hookworm absorbs 0.25 ml of blood;
3.      Intensely parasites always stunt growth rate in children, due to serious deficiencies.

Specific signs:

1.      Roundworms cause itching in the anus, colic, obstructions and can be even intestinal obstruction;
2.      Hookworms cause mucous stools, bleeding, swelling and itching;
3.      Nematodes are responsible for anal itching and chronic enteritis with severe abdominal pain;
4.      Pin worms cause itching around the anus;
5.      Whip worms produce bloody diarrhea;
6.      Tapeworms are distinguished by the appearance of rings in the stool;
7.      They cause nervousness, dizziness, insomnia and digestive disorders;
8.      Weight loss may be greater in children;
9.      Lambliases or giardias cause diarrhea, abdominal pain, and malnutrition or weight loss, rapid deterioration of the general condition and often inflammation of the gallbladder;
10.   Amoebae occur in the intestine in various ways such as diarrhea and sometimes bloody diarrhea, especially amoebic dysentery, accompanied by pain and desires to excrete with painful bowel movements, but without expulsion of fecal matter, these symptoms often last for several weeks;
11.   Sometimes the temperature rises higher;
12.  The amoebae cause a serious complication that reaches the liver, spleen, lungs;
13.   Shigelles bacilli are causing severe diarrhea with traces of blood and mucus, known as bacillary dysentery, fever, abdominal pain, cravings of painful bowel movements;
14.   E. coli live in the intestines of normal manner without causing problems;
15.   But the food disorders, use of oral antibiotics, rot caused by meat, lard, and coffee, insufficient bile production can destroy the balance and make it virulent;
16.   Thus, they cause diarrhea and infections and under-nutrition. 

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