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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

What to do for constipation;

Fundamental causes of constipation are poor digestion due to bad foods and defective water;

The role of liver in constipation;

How to heal constipation;

To avoid constipation phenomena it is indispensable to being aware for the characteristic of constipation and to know the causes of the disease, such as the role of liver and drug abuses, thus to take the precaution to avoid getting into the troubles,

Constipation phenomena:

This disease is characterized by rare and insufficient stools, in relation to the food consumed. The stools can be hard, low volume, fragmented as goat cheese or too soft. The patient has difficulty to evacuate.

The causes of constipation:

The motivations of constipation are troubled lifestyles, concerns, hasty meals, a trip, an ailment like the flu or a sharp cold abdomen, the insistence on eating while getting fever, consumption many refined foods, and also a sedentary lifestyle can hinder rapid and regular fecal matter.

The role of liver in constipation:

When someone suffers a severe liver failure, then the liver produces toxic bile enough to cause chronic constipation, alternating with hard stools and diarrhea.

The role of drugs in constipation:

Many drugs like antiseptic medications, antibiotics, saline purgatives, castor oil, paraffin oil or mineral oil help creating an addiction to dry out and irritate the intestinal mucous, and cause persistent diarrhea, colic and organic weakness.

The consequences of constipation:

Constipation often, provokes many diseases, as it is not painful, so in the most cases, we did not react immediately. Food toxins become truly poisons. Bacteria in the large intestine flow back into the small intestine through the intestinal wall and cause the poisoning, whose manifestations and signs are coated tongue, foul breath, nausea, smelly stools, bloating, heartburn, buttons , boils, acne, eczema, headaches, insomnia, and restless sleep disturbed by nightmares, strong smell of sweaty feet or hands, cooling trend, flu and depression. 

How to heal constipation:

  1. Such circumstances described above paragraph, make the use of laxative medications, such as pills, powders, syrups or jams and salts useless, especially the abuse of enemas can cause colitis. 
  2. The fundamental causes of constipation are poor digestion due to bad foods and defective water; the ways to cure constipation are food reform and lifestyle. 
  3. Proper amounts of drinking water will help. 
  4. Also, eat plenty of fruits and vegetables for fiber, minerals and vitamins. 
  5. Getting daily exercise, and letting go of stress and tension also helps. 
  6. It may be worthwhile to use Bowtrol Colon Cleanse Formula.  
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