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Sunday, October 28, 2012

The natural cure plants;

How to make natural plant curing digestive disorder?

Types of natural plants curing digestive disorders;

Digestive diseases are digestive disorders, and there are many types of digestive diseases, such as ulcerative enteritis or Peptic ulcer, constipation, diarrhea, colic, hiccups to amoeba, coli, etc... see plant treatment.
  • What are causes of digestive disorders?

1.       Most digestive diseases come from malfunctions of the digestive organs because of poor conditions of hygiene of life and food;
2.       They are signs and manifestations of the effort of the body to restore balance life disrupted and disturbed;
3.       The causes are varied digestive disorders, particularly under-nutrition, undernourishment, unbalanced feeds, deficient, monotonous feeds, overcooked foods, diets without vegetables or natural fibers, intemperance motivates to meals rich meats, sweets, to drink alcoholic beverages at the end of meals, smoking, taking stimulants, excessive drinking during meals, insufficient chewing, and the bad habit of talking a lot while eating, overwork, negative emotions, chemical drug abuse, intestinal parasites, lack of exercise, etc..
4.       All these factors may initiate fatigue stomach and then extend the digestion in the intestine;
5.       It causes various disorders in the digestive system.
  • Making digestive teas from mixture of plants:

1.       Mix the following plants by 20 grams of each, mint, lemongrass, basil, laurel or angelic;
2.       Infuse a tablespoon of this mixture for ten minutes in a quart of boiling water;
3.       Drink half hour after meals, either with or without honey.
4.       Chamomile and orange leaves;
5.       Infuse three heads of chamomile with a tablespoon of orange leaves in a quart of boiling water;
6.       Drink after a meal.
7.       Bark and leaves of orange 
8.       In the case of excess stomach acid, mix 80 grams bark and 20 grams leaves of orange;
9.       Steep two tablespoons of the mixture in a quart of boiling water and drink before the main meals.
  • Making liver Teas from mixture of plants:

1.       Mix thyme with rosemary, or mint with marigold and Boldo
2.       Infuse for ten minutes in a pint of boiling water two teaspoons of the mixture of thyme and hulled rosemary, or two tablespoons of the mixture of mint, marigold, and Boldo;
3.       Go and drink warm.
4.       Agrimony, bedstraw and Woodruff ;
5.       Find an herbalist to mix equal parts of Agrimony, flowering tops of bedstraw and leaves of sweet woodruff, the marigold flowers;
6.       Brew six to ten minutes and drink a little before eating.
7.       Quinqueliba and lemon;
8.       Mix two tablespoons of chopped Quinqueliba and three tablespoons minced lemongrass and boil for two minutes in half a liter of water;
9.       Go and have a drink before or after the main meals.
10.    Lemon, lemongrass and Moringa Fodder;
11.    Mix lemon leaves, lemon grass and Moringa oil-producing a handful of each;
12.    Boil five minutes in a liter of water;
13.    Go and drink during the day. 
  • Making laxative teas from mixture of plants:

1.       Find buckthorn bark;
2.       Take two teaspoons for two glasses of water;
3.       Boil about fifteen minutes, reduce by heat to a glass of liquid;
4.       Drink warm or cold, at bedtime or in the morning on an empty stomach.
5.       To fight against intestinal gas;
6.       Add a teaspoon of aniseed before boiling;
7.       But for children, prepare a half-dose diluted.
8.       Senna put in a cup of boiling water a teaspoon of senna leaves, without boiling; 
9.       Marinate about nine minutes of time;
10.    Go and drink in the morning on an empty stomach or at bedtime.
11.    Follicles macerate ten to twenty follicles per cup of cold water;
12.    To cool before use.
13.    Buckthorn and senna boil two teaspoons buckthorn bark in a quart of water in four minutes;
14.    Add two teaspoons of senna leaflets;
15.    Infuse ten minutes and go and drink.
16.    Flax seeds are mucilaginous and swell in the intestine, it helps lubricate the mucous membranes and slows the drying of feces;
17.    Put three tablespoons of flaxseed in a liter of boiling water;
18.    Marinate overnight, strain and drink three to four cups per day.
19.    Fruits and leaves of tamarind;
20.    Mash ripe fruit with seeds, mixing a little water;
21.    Strain and drink at bedtime or in the morning;
22.    Leaves chewed thoroughly cleaned and facilitate stool.
23.    Cabbage soup to consume the first cabbage cooked about ten minutes;
24.    Drink three glasses per day.
25.    Palm desert date macerate two handfuls of fruit in a liter of water for twenty four hours;
26.    Drink at bedtime and in the morning on an empty stomach.   
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