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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Asbestos danger;

How to protect from Asbestos?

How can Asbestos provoke Cancer?

 What is asbestos pollutant?  

Asbestos is a natural silicate, mineral substance. The word Asbestos is translated from Greek origin that means miracle mineral. Asbestos was considered a miracle mineral because its properties as not burning or freezing substance, and has a tensile strength more than steel. Asbestos was used by the Greeks and Romans in many different products, such as cloths, tablecloths, building materials, toys and cisterns or tanks for water holding. There are seven types of Asbestos, but two of them are more used in building materials and one is the most hazardous.

The most famous types of Asbestos:

  1. Chrysotile is a white, soft, fluffy mineral, make up in serpentine. 
  2. This category of Asbestos is the most used for building materials. 
  3. Amosite is brown Asbestos that was majorly used as insulation of water boilers and steam pipe lines.
  4. This form of Asbestos is always found in shipyards or places where ships are built and in the boilers or steam plants. 
  5. Crocidolite this is the blue Asbestos, although it is rarely to be used, but this kind is the most hazardous to humans due to its formula. 
  6. The blue color is caused by the amount of iron included in Asbestos.

The Harmful Phase of Asbestos

  1. Asbestos is not a hazard, unless it has become airborne and being inhaled. 
  2. Chrysotile Asbestos is consisted of many strands hanging off the piece of limestone. 
  3. Each one of the strands is made up of millions of Asbestos fibers, which look likely to little spears.
  4. When some one breathes these tiny little fibers, they will pass through the lungs to the area where the cells transfer the oxygen to the blood. 
  5. Then the fibers start spearing the cells, which induce the body to fight against these strangers. 
  6. As these fibers are so small that the body cannot expel them out, therefore the body makes mucus to cover and bind the affected cells to the wall of lungs. 
  7. This is the beginning point of diseases of Asbestosis such as lung cancer and Mesothelioma. 
  8. The more Asbestos fibers are inhaled the more mucus and scar tissue are made up. 
  9. After exposure and inhaling the Asbestos fibers, lungs will likely fail to expand and contract properly because of the scar tissue covered them and so the person may drown in his own mucus.  

Asbestos and Cancer Risk

  1. It is not obvious to determine the critical amount of exposure before symptoms begin. 
  2. All people are different in responding to Asbestos, some develop lung cancer shortly after exposure to Asbestos, while others stand with Asbestos fibers for years and never developed symptoms. 
  3. But yet the smoker who is exposed to Asbestos is about forty percent times more probably to get Asbestosis Mesothelioma or lung cancer as compared to non smoker.

Asbestos precaution

  1. To identify Asbestos occurrence in the place, Asbestos can only be identified through samples analyzed and certified by special laboratory. 
  2. If a substance or a place is suspected to have Asbestos, it should be taken or sampled for analyzing by profession tester. 
  3. If Asbestos has been found around it could be removed, but precaution has to be taken and not to disturb the Asbestos fibers, however this may be expensive. 
  4. The other method to protect from Asbestos exposure is covering it with adhesive or anything that keep it safe and sane. 
  5. When some one is afraid to disturb it while working around, then it is better to spray it with water before working on. 
  6. The water will prevent Asbestos from turning to airborne. 
  7. Never break or pulverize Asbestos, this action will release fibers into the air. 
  8. Asbestos needs to be left tranquility, and then be harmless, but when annoyed or disturbed, it turns very harmful. 
  9. So to live with Asbestos, some one has to be mindful of his soundings and then be safe and sane.
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