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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Relationship between health and food;

Foods, Very bad, bad, to be consumed moderately, recommended, preferable beverages;
Rules to better and quickly digest the main types of foods?

How to practice food reform?

What is food Reform?

Food reform is an Adoption of a proper diet and practices appropriate dietary habits in order to maintain healthy lifestyle because almost the evil and illness come from what we consume.

Food reform

Aims to eliminate the unfavorable and bad foods, and then choices the good foods. There three types of food, which are very bad foods, bad foods, and good foods.

Very bad foods

Very bad diets are foods that prevent proper assimilation of food, they are very harmful, such as alcohol and alcoholic beverages. And also Fried foods obtained by overheating oils, animal fats, butter, and cooked margarine. All meats and canned fish such as sardines, anchovies, kidneys, sweetbreads, calf's liver, offal foods, all these foods are rich in intoxicant elements.

Bad foods

  1. Comprise roasted meats in sauce, sausage, veal, farming chicken and game. 
  2. All fish and shellfish grilled or in sauce. 
  3. The meat extracts in bouillon cubes or monosodium glutamate liquid that is used to flavor dishes.
  4. Soups, canned mustards, pepper, industry mustards, Cheeses, spreads, soft cheeses, and too fermented or moldy cheeses.
  5. Refined white sugar, jams, sweets, ice cream, and cane sugar syrup with fruit extracts or flavorings. 
  6. Too salty food; and refined salt, soft drinks, liquid milk alone or with coffee, tea, coffee, and cocoa. 
  7. Chocolate made ​​with cocoa-fat. 
  8. White bread, cakes, biscuits made ​​with white flour and white sugar, pasta. 
  9. Sprouted potatoes or greenish, wilted vegetables, yellowed, or aged canned. 

Foods to be consumed moderately

  1. Pasta, semolina, couscous mixed with vegetables or nutritional yeast or beans.  
  2.  Legumes such as beans, peas, lentils, soybeans, chickpeas, beans combined with cereal in a ratio of 1 to 3 provide the balance of protein.  
  3. Leek, fresh cheese, or cooked dough. Raw butter, 2-3 eggs per week associated with green vegetables or incorporated into pastry dishes with tubers, complete starches are more digestible. 
  4. To cook boiled eggs if white and yellow darken then the egg is overcooked and thereafter it is intoxicating, cooked in boiling water the egg should not stay more than ten minutes. 
  5. The cane sugar, jam to cane sugar, sweets and pastries with honey or cane sugar without chemical dye.

Good and recommended foods: 

1.    All vegetables, green or not, spinach, courage, eggplant, peppers, carrots, radish, cabbage, red cabbage, cucumber, green beans, lettuce, turnips and all green leaves used in sauces. They are eaten raw or cooked in good condition. All tubers, yam, cassava, taro, potato, sweet potato etc. 
2.    Whole grains like maize, millet, sorghum, rice, wheat in various forms. Whole meal pasta, whole meal bread or rye bread. Pastries or cakes made ​​at home. The unrefined vegetable oils. Especially olive oil or peanut oil first cold pressed or solvent extracted without refining. Palm oil obtained with first cooking fresh nuts or coconut, cashews, peanuts, raw or roasted or boiled. Sesame seeds or pumpkin. Black olives desalted by soaking in water. Plain yogurt or curd without abusing it. Sprouts, eaten raw or cooked. The good quality honey unheated at the time of harvest. All fresh fruits of the country, preferably raw and very ripe, dried fruit. 
3.    Sweet fruits particularly date; fresh and very ripe banana, sweet apple, avocado, melon and watermelon. 
4.    Fruit acids such as mid-mango, guava, papaya, apple, grape, etc.
5.    Acid fruits like pineapple, lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, tomato, sour sop etc.

Good and preferable beverages

1.    Filtered rainwater, spring, and well. The juice obtained by pressing fresh fruit. It is excluded from this the juice bottle in the refrigerator lasting too long time because it may oxidize. 
2.    Infusions light plants like citronella, quinquéliba, thyme or rosemary, mint at the end of meals.

Rules to better and quickly digest

1.    Eating habits: being peace and calm; eat in a peaceful, avoid passionate discussion.  Eat slowly, chewing well and long, so moistened food saliva is easily attacked by the juices of the stomach and subsequently better quickly digest.  Manage the number of meals; do not make more than three meals per day, reducing the evening meal or deleting it rests the digestive organs. Skipping meals when not hungry.
2.     Rationing during meals: when it is hungry or snacking between meals, treat his liver with olive oil and lemon juice and herbal liver.
3.    Nutritional balance: it does not recommend eating all categories of food at the same meal to ensure nutritional balance. 
4.    Sequence of food: the best for digestion is breakfast or half an hour before lunch, fresh fruit or dry milk, porridge of cereals. For lunch or dinner take salad vegetables, well flat cereals or tubers or vegetables, with protein or meat or fish or eggs or beans. 
5.    Desserts: drink as little as possible during meals so that digestive juices are not diluted, during meals to avoid fruit juices, milk, alcohol, frozen drinks. Avoid intense manual or intellectual work directly after meals.  
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