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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mechanism of climate changes;

Earth changes, Crust, Mantle, Core, Normal situation, abnormal situation, Nuisance of organic wastes;

What is the nuisance of organic wastes? 

The earth composition;

The earth is composed of three main parts, which are crust, Mantle, and core.

The upper earth part crust

Crust is started from the upper part of the earth, to some where about 12 to nearly 30 km in some places. Crust is the livable area, water, soil, vegetables, animals and all forms of lives exist here in the crust and it is always in dynamic changes because of the movements of water and winds, besides the activities of creatures and living being.

The middle earth part mantle

Mantle is the largest part in the earth’s globe, started from under the crust and consisted of magma or lava, which is the melted rocks and minerals surrounding the core of earth, it is very hot, and in dynamic, it is the main cause of earthquakes and tectonic movements, which are the creators of mountains and depressions in some areas in the world. Mantle is one of geothermic energy’s sources, which is the great heat emitted from the earth towards the surface.

The central earth part core

Core is the heaviest, densest, solid part in the central of the earth. Core is consisted mostly of nickel and iron, and emits different rays and radios, such as infra red and others. Core is also one of geothermic energy’s sources.

The normal situation

Heat and rays from mantle and core go up to disperse into the atmosphere, while most of the dangerous rays and radios from the sun are absorbed by the ozone belt and prevented to penetrate into the earthen ground, but the heat from the sun goes down until hitting the ground, where some heats are absorbed by the earth's surface and some others are reflected towards the atmosphere.

The abnormal situation

Today; because of many chemical compounds produced by factories in the world, when rejected into the atmosphere, start to react with the ozone zone, which is consisted of three atoms of oxygen. This process of reaction results in creating holes in ozone belt that let the dangerous rays and radios to penetrate into the ground causing then many diseases.

The nuisance of organic wastes

Many organic wastes are thrown daily into the open air, then by chemical reactions and biological activities many gases such as CO, CO2, CH4 and others are generated and these gases when go up to the atmosphere, they form some like belt of bubbles that absorb heats coming from the sun and the geothermal earth. This new zone of absorbed gases heats area around the earth, and the area will be warmed enough to prevent gathering water vapors to form clouds and rains. This phenomena result to drying weather, bringing droughts and climate changes.
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