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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Climate changes;

Climate changes disasters, Drought and Flooding, Hungers motivating malnutrition & wars;

  What are climate change's disasters?

Hungers motivating wars;

Climate changes are very big challenges of the industrialization era. These changes take many forms such as droughts, cyclones, and flooding.

Drought disadvantages

Droughts are caused by the lack of rains in some places, while there may be excessive rains in other areas in the world, so that these are two different and contradictory phenomenon that lead to more and more difficulties in the lives, whereas you find in many zones, people suffering from dry weather and then they are not able to grow crops and vegetables, the result is insufficient harvests, this phenomena destroys every kind of life, whether humane being, animals or vegetables. As always, every life depends on water, so without water there is no life at all.

Flooding disadvantages

In other places in the world, people should be suffering from non cessation rainfall and flooding, then destroying again the life of humane being, animals and vegetables, even all need water but need a certain amount of water in quantity and quality, not whatever or however.

Climate changes disasters:  

Uncontrollable changes can bring to great disasters and distresses in many parts of the world, therefore what are expected from the climate changes are to see:
1.    The increasing cyclones and violent winds.
2.    The increasing of global temperatures.
3.    The increasing of nature and environmental degradation.
4.    The increasing of waste lands and deserts.
5.    The increasing of soil lost, and erosion caused by the violent winds, flooding and deforestation.
6.    The increasing of destroying bio-diversities, such as animals, birds, worms and insects that are living in the forests, waters, and earth, by baring the lands and disturbing their natural habits.

Hungers and malnutrition

When there are not enough food and nutrition hungers will spread out of many countries in the world, because there should be not enough harvests and raw matters for the agro-nutrition industries.

Hungers motivate wars

Whenever there are malnutrition and hungers, the disagreement will rise and so possibly wars between nations. It is true to say you are angry because you are hungry; this will motivate struggling and fighting to get into sources that might disturb the world's security and tranquility.

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