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Saturday, May 21, 2016

The benefits of Fucus vesiculosus;

Fucus, Supplement Use, Contraindication, Recognized benefits, warning;

Fucus as iodine intake;

The Medicinal Plant Fucus;

Fucus is a dark olive brown seaweed; having clear soft vesicles that allow it to float while clinging to the substrate using a clamp.
This algae has a strong iodine odor. Several varieties of algae, in the most common is the sea grape known locally Fucus vesiculosus, are used in pharmaceutical preparations. Wrack is employed for more than two centuries for the treatment of endemic goiter due to iodine deficiency, because it is very rich in iodine. Fucus also has a high content of calcium, magnesium and potassium, vitamin B2, PP, and Choline.

  Dietary supplement of Fucus:

  • Fucus is often used as a dietary supplement in powder or capsule.
  • In addition to its contribution in iodine, Fucus prevents the absorption of toxic metals that may occur during ingestion of contaminated food.
  • Applied locally, it would have antirheumatic properties. When harvesting algae for personal use externally, it must be done in the sea rather than on the beach, and to avoiding polluted places.

  Using Wrack or Fucus:

  • The use of single Wrack in infusion should be avoided, but the thallus of Fucus is a component of many pharmaceutical specialties and herbal teas. 
  • When treatment does not exceed one month, the doses may be slightly increased. 
  • It is recommended not to consume more than two hundred and fifty milligrams of powder Fucus per day for long periods because the iodine intake is limited.


  • Fucus is against-indicated during pregnancy and lactation, and not recommended for children, people with thyroid problems because the algae can be loaded with heavy metals. 
  • An overdose on the medium or long term may cause an excess of iodine and hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. 
  • The baths and poultices should not be used in the presence of sores or weeping dermatitis. 
  • The Wrack is also cons-indicated in cases of tachycardia, angina and hypersensitivity to iodine.

  Recognized benefits of Fucus:

  • Fucus is a real appetite suppressant and causes a rapid feeling of satiety while avoiding the shortcomings and feelings of fatigue. 
  • It has an interesting effect on intestinal transit.


  • Algae marketed in various forms like capsules, drinks, light bulbs are dosed differently in different preparations. 
  • It should carefully check the labels. 
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