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Thursday, May 12, 2016

Horsetail therapeutic virtues;

Horsetail, Usage, Health value, Indications, Warnings;

Benefits of horsetail;

Medicinal herb horsetail;

Horsetail or rat tail is a perennial herb of Equisetaceae family.
It includes green fertile and sterile stems, sliced ​​in whorls.
Shaped collar, it grows in wetlands and clayey quartz.
It should not be confused with horsetail swamp toxic.
Horsetail is rich in silica.

Use of horsetail:

·         Horsetail is traditionally used as a nutritional supplement;
·         To strengthen the blood vessels, bones, teeth and hair;
·         And also horsetail is useful to improve the skin condition.
·         Horsetail also has a high content of calcium, copper, zinc and silicon.
·         It is slightly diuretic, helps eliminate waste through urine.
·         Herbalists use horsetail today in case of bleeding.
·         Horsetail is found under form of tablets or capsules.

Horsetail therapeutic virtues:

·         Horsetail is used for its remineralizing, diuretic; and anti-inflammatory,
·         It is used to treat osteoporosis;
·         Promote bone growth following a fracture, relieve edema;
·         Pain caused by superficial trauma, accelerate healing of minor wounds;
·         Treats pain associated with osteoarthritis, and tendonitis,
·         It also improves the strength of nails and brittle hair;
·         Treats urinary tract infections, and facilitates weight loss;
·         In addition to dietary measures.
·         The use of horsetail is recognized in the treatment of mild urinary problems.

Directions, internally and externally:

·         Treats edema caused by shock and disorders of the urinary system.
·         Treats wounds that heal poorly, adjuvant.
·         Strengthens brittle nails and brittle hair, prevents osteoporosis;
·         Treats fractures, relieves pain and rheumatic edema;
·         Treats enuresis, fluids retention and certain menstrual disorders.

Warnings or against-indication:

·         Do not exceed six weeks horsetail treatment without medical advice.
·         Not recommended in case of edema associated with cardiac dysfunction;
·         Not recommended in case of renal, kidney or liver disorders.
·         In pregnant women or young children, for its nicotine content.
·         It can cause some inconvenience to the persons treated with lithium.
·         To the persons risking dehydration due to its diuretic properties.
·         And as well as to the persons consuming digitalis.
·         Those facing to present potassium deficiencies.
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