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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Biodiversity why is it important;

Biodiversity loss and its impact on humanity;

Biodiversity and its types;

Biodiversity is the variety of life on earth, this variety can be measured on several different levels.

Species diversity and biodiversity:

1.    Genetic variation;
2.    The genetic variation is the variation between individuals of the same species and it includes individual variation in a single population as well as variation in different populations of the same species;
3.    Species diversity;
4.    Species diversity is the variety of species in a given region or area, it can be determined by counting the number of different species present in that zone or by considering the relationship of species to each others.

Biodiversity and ecosystem:

1.    Ecosystem variation;
2.    Communities of plants and animals, together with the physical characteristics of their environment such as geology, soil and climate, interlinking together as an ecological system or ecosystem;
3.    It is to be known that ecosystem diversity is more difficulty to measure because the unclear boundaries between different ecosystems and their grades into one another.

Number of species biodiversity:

1.    How many species are there;
2.    The estimate of global species diversity varies enormously because it is so difficult to guess how many species there may be in less well explored habitats like unreached rain forest and deep seas and oceans, which remain always undiscovered;
3.    But global species estimates range from 2 millions to 100 millions species and only 1.4 million species has been named;
4.    Of these approximately 250,000 are plants and 750,000 are insects.

Biodiversity and extinction:

1.    Losses of biodiversity;
2.    Extinction is a fact of life, and species have been dying out ever the origin of life, and it has been estimated that surviving species constitute about 1% of the species that have ever lived;
3.    But now almost entirely as a direct result of human activities species are becoming extinct at an alarming rate, particularly the Effects of acid rain on flora and fauna;
4.    In the long past eras, mass extinctions evident in the geological record have been brought mainly by massive climate and environment shifts.

Biodiversity loss:

1.    The loss of species in tropical ecosystems is extremely well known and of great concern;
2.    Predictions and estimated of future species losses is that a quarter of all species on earth are likely to be extinct or on the way to extinction within 30 to 100 years, there are some species populations considered now as the living dead.

Biodiversity activity:

1.    In the other hand we have to signalize that some species is actually benefit from human activities, while many others are affected;
2.    It is obvious also that the increase of human population will compete with wildlife for space and resources of habitats so their constituent species will be lost out.  

Biodiversity is important because:

1.    What we should note is that loss of individual species can have various different effects on the remaining species in an ecosystem;
2.    These effect depend upon the important the species is in the ecosystem;
Some species when has been removed will have no apparent effect, while removal others may have enormous effects on the remaining species, these are called keystone. 
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