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Thursday, October 2, 2014

How to regain diets after attack of malaria;

How to start eating after appetite returns?

How to leave body at rest after malaria crisis?

1.    During the malaria crisis, the patient has little appetite, see again how malaria is related to nutrition;
2.    You should never force him to eat salty foods or foods sweetened with white sugar, not even soup;
3.    Therefore, do not eat any food because that could maintain fever.

How to leave body at rest:

1.    Graciously accept and promote the natural fasting to leave the bodies at rest;
2.    Take liquids such as various teas, diluted fruit juices, clay water, lemon water and honey of good quality;
3.    Ensure a good bowel movement and evacuation.

How to start eating:

1.    As soon as the fever subsided and the appetite returns, do not start eating complicated meals;
2.    Give preference to raw foods, fruits like ripe banana, melon, pineapple, papaya, avocado, light mashed vegetables, the broth, and tapioca, the soup or germinated and roasted sorghum;
3.    Take small light meals in chewing carefully. 
4.    How to take rest and what to avoid;
5.    Lay supine at rest before and after meals;
6.    In any case, avoid eating immediately meats, fish dishes, beans, fatty sauces, pasta, especially macaroni.
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