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Monday, June 30, 2014

How to fight against malaria?

How to fight against larvae and adult insects?

How to prevent mosquitoes from biting?

Classic prevention of malaria, the action of public authorities and populations is either destroying the mosquitoes in their various phases of existence, or to prevent them from biting.

Destroying mosquitoes:

1.    The anopheles put their eggs every day on calm waters and boxes containing rain waters;
2.    Some little water is enough for the Anopheles mosquito to breed;
3.    Hence here is the existence of threat, even in the most arid areas of Sahel;
4.    The shelters of larvae are many and innumerable such as the stagnant water;
5.    The holes made ​​by the hooves of animals;
6.    The tree trunks and bananas;
7.    Clogged gutters of garbage cities or lands.

Fight against the larvae:

1.    Larvae live immersed horizontally on the surface of water;
2.    To fight against the larvae requires plugging the holes;
3.    Empty the containers and boxes;
4.    Spread on the surface of infested water by oil or waste of oil from motor vehicles to prevent the larvae from breathing;
5.    Inoculate ponds and impoundments with predatory animals of larvae;
6.    Drain the swamp.  

Fight against adult insects:

1.    In practice, it is used insecticides DDT, Dieldrine, HCH by spraying as Flytox;
2.    Unfortunately, these products contain poisons, harmful to humans;
3.    So, after some times of spray in the corners of the house, it is advisable to open doors and windows to ventilate the room.

To prevent mosquitoes from biting:

1.    Always use mosquito nets, tulle, placed around the beds or cots for children;
2.    Transmitters of acoustic vibrations;
3.    Put wire fences on doors and windows;
4.    Ultraviolet lamps that attract mosquitoes and electrocute them;
5.    Repellents, such as gels or lotions containing lemon oil;
6.    It is highly recommended to park animals and plant fields away from the villages.
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