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Friday, May 10, 2013

Food reforming in order to restore blood pressure;

How can food reform help restoring normal blood pressure?

How to restore a normal blood pressure?

 Practicing a food reforming:

1.    It is required to follow proper dietary rules to practice good food reform and see blood pressure healing;
2.    Use a favorable food that is slight food predominance with fruits and vegetables;
3.    Low consumption of bread with little salt and spices.

Among the preferable fruits:

1.    Lemon, it is a remarkable cleaner and thinner the intoxicated and thickened blood;
2.    Orange, and pineapple taken in the morning fasting;
3.    Grape, apple, pear are used to detoxifying treatments at the rate of one to two kg per day,;
4.    Apple, thanks to its pectin removes cholesterol, and its tannin relieves and strengthens the heart;
5.    Blackberry, it thins the blood, strengthens the red blood cells and glands, as well as very ripe bananas.

Among the preferable vegetables:

1.    Carrot, tomato salad or juice;
2.    Cabbage and green beans that relieve the fatigue cardiac;
3.    Lettuce and spinach rich in iron;
4.    Baked potatoes, boiled cassava, grilled or tapioca.

A useful leaflet:

1.    Demanding on the quality of fruits and vegetables that you buy;
2.    Do not cut or grate the fruits only at the time of consumption;
3.    Do not cook the vegetables with much water;
4.    Do not discard the cooking water, but integrate it into soups or other dishes;
5.    Consume cereals, brown rice and buckwheat that hinder the rise of tension, millet, whole meal and rye bread.

Among the preferable herbs:

1.    Raw garlic, it thins the blood and is a remarkable regulator of blood pressure, and can be consumed one to three cloves a day in salads;
2.    Raw onion, which is a potent diuretic, especially in the case of urine retention, leg edema, cystitis, prostatitis, excess urea, liver cirrhosis, because of its silica, it strengthens bones, arteries and fight against arteriosclerosis and can be eaten in soups and ready meals;
3.    Parsley, anise, cinnamon, lavender, rosemary, in infusions, to be used after meals;
4.    Use good quality of honey as a sweetener component, instead of sugar.

Best oils:

1.    The most interesting oils are those of virgin sunflower, refined corn oil at low-temperature, pumpkin seeds that eliminate cholesterol;
2.    Alternate their use with that of olive oil first cold pressed;
3.    Use only iodized gray sea salt, with sparingly usage.

Important minerals:

1.    Like magnesium that purifies the blood and capillaries;
2.    It is necessary to pay interest to foods that contain magnesium enough, such as almonds, dates, lettuce, defatted cocoa, soybeans, hazelnuts, walnuts, grapes, fresh figs, raves, onions, and cucumbers.

Useful supplements:

1.    Seaweeds to be chewed or swallowed before the evening meal or at night;
2.    Milt, nutritional yeast, to consume at a rate of three to five teaspoons per day, spread over foods;
3.    Wheat germ flours, or sprouting grains and vegetables.
Food sequence of courses;
1.    The succession of dishes has a great importance to food chemistry and digestion. 
2.    The recommended order is to take the fruit, half an hour before meals;
3.    Then take raw vegetables in salads, seasoned with oil of good quality diet and lemon juice;
4.    In following the course of whole grains, tubers or legumes or protein food, such as meat, cheese, eggs, etc... But avoid desserts.

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