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Saturday, November 10, 2012

How to cure colitis and enteritis?

Natural cure regains health by natural treatments that have no drawbacks;

What is Natural cure of digestive diseases?

Natural cure of digestive diseases lies in knowing the causes of illnesses and then avoiding those causes by making food reform, lifestyle hygiene, and taking a proper cures and remedies. 
There are several types of digestives diseases. Among the digestive diseases enteritis and colitis, which are inflammations of the intestinal mucus. Enteritis is inflammation of the hail; colitis is inflammation of the lining of the intestine and colon; ulcerative is inflammation that is extending to the rectum.

The main causes of colitis

Colitis diseases are due either to the action of intestinal parasites, such as worms, amoeba, E. coli, or a faulty feeding supply, such as meals quickly swallowed without chewing enough and poorly digested, excessive consumer of sugary foods, starchy foods, fruits, vegetables, milk, salt and abuse of drugs like antibiotics used frequently or with high doses, all these perturb digestive functions and degrade the intestinal flora, the abuse of laxatives that can cause organic colitis and may become serious, especially in dilation of the colon and bleeding.

 Symptoms of digestive diseases:

1.    Food poisoning exhausts and depletes the liver and kidneys. 
2.    Irritation due to injury sounds throughout the nervous system and causes painful spasms that accentuate the nervousness of the patient.
3.    Fibrous foods insufficiently digested may irritate and bleed the inflamed intestinal wall. 
4.    Whitish mucus appears in the stools. 
5.    Enteritis and colitis caused by parasites reported inhabited with diarrhea or soft yellow and frothy with yellowish mucus. 
6.    Gas causes pain in the right side of the abdomen. 

Background of natural treatment and cure

Natural remedies to heal colitis and enteritis diseases require a food reforming, lifestyle hygiene, and applying a proper cure and treatment.
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