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Saturday, October 4, 2014

What is ozone layer;

  The consequences in reducing ozone layer’s thickness;

What is the main problem of ozone layer?

What is Ozone layer?

Ozone layer is a narrow belt that is formed by three oxygen atoms O3, ozone molecules are thinly spread within a belt that exists between 15 and 30 miles above the surface of the earth in the atmospheric layer called the stratosphere.

The advantages of ozone layer:

1.    Ozone layer is very important and useful to human and other living organisms, because it absorbs the most harmful Ultraviolet rays from the sun;
2.    As it is mentioned above ozone is a type of oxygen molecules that have three atoms instead of two atoms as usual;
3.    And any significant depletion of thickness of ozone layer would cause too many problems in human health, as that has been noted in the recent years.

The consequences in reducing ozone layer:

1.    The most serious problems are the rising in cases of skin cancer, it is estimated that every 1% reduction in ozone layer results in a 2 to 5% rise in the incidence of skin cancer;
2.    Other consequences of the loss of protective ozone layer may include an increase in sunburns and eye cataracts, as well as the suppression of immune system;
3.    The scientists inspect that depletion of ozone layer might result in disruption of sensitive terrestrial, lands, and aquatic ecosystems.

The disadvantages of CFCs gases:

1.    In the recent years, ozone layer has been suffered by some industrial gases, such as chlorine, Fluor, carbon, known as CFCs gases emitted from the industries, when the gases rise to the atmosphere;
2.    The gases react with oxygen atoms found in the ozone layer and then by increasing these gases, oxygen will be consumed and the amount of oxygen in the ozone belt will be decreased;
3.    This action of extracting oxygen from the ozone layer make some like holes in ozone belt, these holes let dangerous ultraviolet rays to enter to the earth causing many diseases particularly cancer, cataracts and other diseases.

The formation of photochemical smog:

1.    The conclusion is that lives on the earth are protected by ozone zone, which prohibits the danger coming from the universe and sun to reach the earth;
2.    In spite of this great advantage and beneficial of ozone belt, but when this ozone presents near the ground it is a pollutant that contributes to the formation of photochemical smog and acid rain. 
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